first_img Keeping Switchgrass Immature Could Aid Cellulosic Ethanol Industry Previous articleEmergency Cover Crop Assistance Available for Extreme Drought AreasNext articleHigh Prices Will Stir South American Soybean Production Gary Truitt Facebook Twitter SHARE USDA scientists have discovered a gene that essentially keeps switchgrass in its juvenile form – and they say it could have far-reaching implications for the development of the plant as a biofuel crop. The insertion of a specific gene from corn – called corngrass – into switchgrass keeps the perennial grass from flowering, producing seeds and from having a dormant growth phase. As a result of those changes – the sugars making up the plant starch are more readily available for conversion into cellulosic ethanol.Agricultural Research Service Geneticist Sarah Hake explains that the starch stays inside the stem because it isn’t needed elsewhere for nourishing flower buds and blossoms. As a result – starch levels can increase as much as 250-percent – increasing the sugars that can be fermented into ethanol. Home Energy Keeping Switchgrass Immature Could Aid Cellulosic Ethanol Industrycenter_img Facebook Twitter SHARE source: NAFB News service By Gary Truitt – Sep 6, 2012 last_img read more

first_imgUK publisher Canongate has announced that a posthumous volume of of poetry by the legendary late songwriter Leonard Cohen will be released in October of next year. The new book, entitled The Flame, will be published by Farrar, Strauss, and Giroux in the United States.Leonard Cohen Releases Posthumous Music Video For “Leaving The Table”According to representatives from the respective publishing companies involved, Cohen finished assembling the book himself in the months prior to his death in November of last year. As The Guardian reports, the “overwhelming majority of The Flame will consist of new Cohen poems…Cohen drew from unreleased notebook sketches. The volume will also incorporate lyrics from his last three albums, as well as words he wrote for the 2006 album Blue Alert by Anjani, Cohen’s former backing singer, co-songwriter and girlfriend.Stream The New “Sincerely, L. Cohen: A Live Celebration of Leonard Cohen”Cohen’s former manager, Robert Kory, talked to The Guardian further about the creation and themes of the anthology in an interview accompanying the book’s announcement: “During the final months of his life, Leonard had a singular focus — completing this book, taken largely from his unpublished poems and selections from his notebooks. The flame and how our culture threatened its extinction was a central concern. Though in declining health, Leonard died unexpectedly. Those of us who had the rare privilege of spending time with him during this period recognised that the flame burned bright within him to the very end. This book, finished only days before his death, reveals to all the intensity of his inner fire.”Bob Dylan & Leonard Cohen Are The Subjects Of A New Course At Cambridge UniversityLeonard Cohen released his last full volume of new poetry, entitled Book of Longing, in 2006. You can read excerpts from Book of Longing here.[h/t – Spin]last_img read more

first_imgCheck and adhere to use-by dates onfresh poultry packages. “Fresh turkeys are highlyperishable,” she said. “If you buy it too far in advance or don’tuse it by the date specified, it may start to spoil in yourrefrigerator before you’re ready to cook it.”Don’t stuff a turkey until you’reready to cook it. Stuffing it a day early can be a costlyshortcut. “If you stuff your turkey,” Harrison said, “do it rightbefore cooking and stuff it loosely.”Thaw it in the fridge. Don’tthaw a frozen turkey at room temperature. Thaw it in therefrigerator, where it will stay cooler than 40 degrees, or incold water, changing the water every 20 to 30 minutes.Serve no turkey before itstime. The safe way to tell when poultry is cookedthoroughly is to use a food thermometer.”Insert a food thermometer into the thickest part of the thighmuscle without touching the bone,” Harrison said. “When itregisters 180 degrees Fahrenheit, the bird is done. If you’recooking only white meat pieces, they’re done at 170 degrees.”Stuffing should reach at least 165 degrees, Harrison said. Youcan check it by inserting the food thermometer into the thickestpart of the stuffing.Get the stuffing out. As soonas the turkey’s done, remove all of the stuffing. Harmfulbacteria are more likely to grow in the stuffing if it stays inthe bird after cooking.If you don’t need all the stuffing for the first serving, keepthe rest either in the refrigerator or above 140 degrees in theoven, if you will be serving it soon.Don’t leave the turkey out after themeal. From the time the turkey comes out of the oven, youhave about 2 hours to carve it, serve it and then refrigerate orfreeze the leftovers.When refrigerating meat or stuffing, store it in shallow coveredcontainers so it will cool quicker. It’s best to slice theleftover meat or turkey so it cools fast.”Leftover turkey will keep in the refrigerator for three or fourdays,” Harrison said. “Use the stuffing and gravy within one ortwo days. Bring leftover gravy to a rolling boil before you serveit, and reheat stuffing to 165 degrees.”For longer storage, she said, package leftovers in freezercontainers, freezer paper or heavy-duty aluminum foil and freezethem. Use frozen turkey, stuffing and gravy within one month. (Dan Rahn is a news editor with the University of GeorgiaCollege of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.) By Dan RahnUniversity of GeorgiaWhile you’re feasting your eyes on your holiday turkey andpondering biting into it, it’s already “thinking” about bitingyou back. If you’re not careful, it will.Think of the time after the turkey is cooked as a race thatstarts when you take it out of the oven, said Judy Harrison, anExtension Service foods specialist with the University of GeorgiaCollege of Family and Consumer Sciences.Not putting leftovers into the refrigerator fast enough is justone of the costly mistakes people make in buying, cooking,serving and storing turkeys. “Between the store and theleftovers,” she said, “a number of mistakes can make foodborneillness possible.”Behind the biteBehind virtually all of the things people do wrong with turkeys,Harrison said, is the fact that the bacteria with the bite, theones that cause foodborne illnesses, multiply fast between 40 and140 degrees Fahrenheit.These tips can help you avoid being bitten by a foodborne illness:last_img read more

first_imgMy late mother, the great Henrietta Bruce contributed eight boys and three girls to the global mass of mankind. On Oct. 20, 1995, “she returned back to the earth from which she was formed.” Out of the eight “Bruce brothers” originally deposited on this planet by “nana” Bruce- only three remain—to admire daisies from above ground. Last Sunday, I attended a pre-memorial day cookout at the home of one of my two remaining brothers. His name is Robert Lee Donald Bruce. I could never get the Robert Lee part of his name quite figured out. However, my best guess is it was because my mother was born on the Granite Quarry Native American reservation, near Salisbury, N.C. in 1917. At that point in history the south hadn’t really fully accepted the fact that General Robert E. Lee had lost the American Civil War but convinced my naive mother and the rest of the Stillwagon clan that he had won.“Skip” as he is affectionately known by friends and foes alike, and “Peewee” as his wife Charlotte is otherwise known, always put on a grand affair for the official holidays of the year, so I didn’t expect anything less at this shindig.As we scanned through old family photos my mind drifted to where else, sports. After a few glasses (or paper cups) of homemade “vino” my mind really began to wander.Where do the great athletes of the past go when they break the camp of life? Will they receive a pair of platinum sandals to continue their eternal journey through the golden streets of heaven or are they forced to contemplate their ultimate fate of facing the fire and brimstone showers of hell.What would the late Pirates manager Charles “Chuck” Tanner consider heaven or hell? Would heaven be sipping nectar made from the juice of the sweetest fruit; or would his post-life reward be to win the NLCS and World Series every year? If “Skip” Tanner were sent on to hell would he be forced by the “Prince of Darkness” to watch the footage over and over of lead footed Sid Bream sliding across home plate scoring the winning run for the Atlanta Braves against the Pittsburgh Pirates in game 7 of the 1992 NLCS?What would the greatest reward for Wilver Dornell “Willie” Stargell be? Would it be to to hit ball after ball over the right field roof of old Forbes Field, being the only Pirate permitted to come bat with all of his teammates being allowed to take a break during the “bottom” part of the inning. Or would Willie be forced to relive his many legendary strikeouts?In 1988 when Stargell was inducted into the Hall-of-Fame, he said, “I had two very special managers, Danny Murtaugh and Chuck Tanner. I learned an awful lot from both of these men.” He described Murtaugh as “a man would sit back and tell Irish tales [while] spitting tobacco juice on your shoes.” Murtaugh who died in 1976 had already joined the ranks of the dead; the quick witted Stargell was still doing the quick step.Stargell died almost simultaneously with the opening of PNC Park in 2001. At the time Tanner said, “When you had Willie Stargell on your team, it was like having a diamond ring on your finger. Now, every opening day at PNC Park, everybody will know this is Willie Stargell’s day. He’s up there, and he knows the Pirates are opening today.”Tanner was alive to take part in the inauguration of what some people describe as the best ball park in America. Stargell, who some people would say carried the Pirates and their former home Three Rivers Stadium on his broad shoulders during his career, did not live to see and participate in that glorious day.Whatever you do ladies and gents you will either be the quick or you will be the dead, depending on what deeds you have performed in life. One day as someone reads my obituary I will certainly not be one of the quick.There are some people that do not give a crap about sports or the athletes that participate; that is okay. It is also okay for those who love and support the world of sports and the players that dedicate their lives to provide pleasure for all of us that do.Listen up, please. Don’t dust off your past on the annual “memorial” day that is allotted for that specific purpose. Take out a few minutes at the end of a busy day. You know one of those days that you may not really feel like going to the cemetery to perform a little bit of “landscaping” and maintenance on the eternal homes of those who are no longer able to do so. Also, do a bit of maintenance on the “cemeteries” within your minds; in other words, let the dead bury the dead.Hey “Skip” got any more of that “vino?” I have a piece of time treasured advice for you boys and girls. Don’t ever stop the memories and don’t ever allow the memories to stop you.(Aubrey Bruce can be reached at: [email protected] or 412-583-6741.)last_img read more

first_imgAntonio Brown (84) appears to step out of bounds as he gets past Miami Dolphins strong safety Chris Clemons (30) on the final play of the game in Pittsburgh, Sunday, Dec. 8, 2013. Brown made it into the end zone on the play, but it was ruled he stepped out of bounds. Miami won 34-28. (AP Photo/Don Wright)Just like that, the miracle play that wasn’t, nearly saved the season that never was. As Antonio Brown appeared to score on the now infamous hook and lateral play gone wrong, it seemed the Steelers season was still alive. Yet, moments later, it was ruled that Brown had stepped out of bounds and with that the game was over, along with the season.The Steelers, now 5-8, have no reasonable shot at making the playoffs let alone seeing a winning record, which they never saw at any point this season. It’s so bad that it will take winning their final three games just to see .500, for the first time all year.Many people were fooled after the Steelers won 5 of 7 following their 0-4 start, thinking this team had a true shot at the playoffs. But much like Brown’s run on Sunday, appearance is not always reality.The reality of the season to this point is pretty simple. They aren’t very good. Their eight losses come to teams with a combined record of 51-51-1.That record clearly indicates the Steelers can’t even beat teams in the middle of the pack, let alone hang with the big boys. The stat is even skewed when you take into account the Patriots own 10 of those wins and the Bengals another 9.  The Steelers own losses to some incredibly horrific teams like the Raiders and Vikings. But, in the end, aren’t the Steelers just as horrific?They have beaten teams with a combined record of 28-37. Is it a wonder the black and gold are currently 5-8 and at the brink of obtaining their first losing record since Big Ben joined the team in 2004?There are many flaws with this team that will need to be addressed in the offseason but many were on display on Sunday against the Dolphins.Time management was an issue that played a factor in the game, the offensive line couldn’t make the necessary plays down the stretch to allow Ben time, the defense, a major issue, couldn’t make a play in crucial situations, tackling was atrocious, the play calling was ill timed and questionable and the team just looks flat and overmatched at nearly every position on the field.The game against the Dolphins didn’t dictate the Steelers ultimate fate this season, it was only a another example in the ever growing list of examples as to why this team never had a real shot at any success in 2013.NOTES:Big Ben surpassed Terry Bradshaw for the most TD passes in team history when he threw is 213th.The Steelers are not mathematically eliminated from playoff contention but will need to win out and have multiple teams in front of them lose out, as if either of those could happen.Next Game: Vs. Cincinnati on Sunday Night (not sure why this wasn’t flexed out)last_img read more

first_imgAUBREY BRUCEAs spring training for the Pittsburgh Pirates springs into full gear, my mind wanders back to Syd Thrift, the former GM during the Jim Leyland era.  For all of you youngsters with wrinkled brows and the “Bambi” look, put down your iPhones and Androids, your “googling” can cease; at least for the life of this column.See, folks, a few people erroneously think I have come to the conclusion that the late nineties through 2012 were desert days in regards to the Pittsburgh Pirates fielding and maintaining a winning team, aaat, wrong answer.The era of the eighties was not a stellar era either. The eighties were a wretched time for the once proud Pirates franchise. The Pirates were doing bad, not just bad but really, really bad.In an article written by Ron Cook of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette titled The Eighties: A terrible time of trial and error Three Rivers Stadium,1970-2000 and originally published on September 29, 2000, Cook wrote that “Carl Barger, a prominent lawyer [from Pittsburgh lead the charge to keep] the Pirates in town.last_img read more

first_imgRUMSON – A cold fall morning Saturday, Nov. 16 wasn’t enough to stop hundreds of Rumsonites and friends from coming out to support Rumson PTO’s second annual 1-mile Fun Run and 5K Dawg Dash and Kiddie Dashes. Nearly 400 athletes of all levels registered for the runs that took place around the Deane Porter and Forrestdale schools and Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School. Over $6,000 was raised by the Bulldogs, according to Tara Harmon, who co-chaired the event with Irene Hall. The money will go toward funding academic enrichment programs and a variety of assemblies for Rumson’s elementary and middle schools. Photos by Patrick Oliverolast_img read more

first_imgARCADIA, Calif. (Feb. 27, 2015)–Far back early, Play Hard to Get saved ground at the rail and re-rallied late under Corey Nakatani to defeat Awesome Return and Mike Smith by a head in Friday’s $60,000 Green Jewel Purse allowance at Santa Anita. Trained by Eric Kruljac, Play Hard to Get covered 1 ¼ miles on turf in 2:00.59.Breaking from the rail under showery conditions, Joes Blazing Aaron set fast fractions of 22.45, 45.67, 1:09.79 and 1:34.84, which set up the late runs of both the winner and runner-up.“They were motoring up front,” said Nakatani. “I knew we could take back off the pace, because I could tell they would come back to me.”Off at 9-1 from his outside post position in a field of nine, Play Hard to Get paid $20.40, $5.80 and $4.20. Owned by Kings River Ranch, Play Hard to Get, a 4-year-old Kentucky-bred gelding by Purim, picked up his third win from nine starts. With the winner’s take of $36,000, he increased his earnings to $132,750.“It was definitely the ride that Corey envisioned,” said Kruljac. “We were going to take back but we didn’t know we’d be that far back (sixth, 6 ½ lengths off the lead at the quarter pole). He had the confidence to do it and he knew what they were doing on the front-end. You put a rider like that up and you don’t tell him how to ride.”Next to last, 9 ½ lengths off the lead a quarter mile from home, Awesome Return skimmed the rail around the far turn while following Play Hard to Get, made the lead inside the sixteenth pole and may’ve won had he seen the winner, who was wide-out on the course at the wire.Off at 6-5, Awesome Return finished 1 ¼ lengths in front of front-running Joes Blazing Aaron and paid $3.20 and $2.60.Ridden by Tyler Baze, Joes Blazing Aaron was off at 5-1 and paid $3.40 to show.There is a Pick Six carryover into Saturday of $48,472 and it is expected that Saturday’s total Pick Six Pool should approach $300,000. First post time for a nine-race card on Saturday is at 12:30 p.m. Admission gates open at 10:30 a.m. PICK SIX CARRYOVER OF $48,472 INTO SATURDAY, TOTAL PICK SIX POOL SHOULD APPROACH $300,000last_img read more

first_imgWHAT:         Grade III, $100,000 SANTA YSABEL STAKESDistance & Conditions: 1 1/16 miles for 3-year-old filliesWHEN:          Saturday, March 5 Race 5, (approximate Post Time–2:30 p.m. PT) MY DYNAMO, owned by Rusty Brown, Phillip Lebherz and Alan Klein, returns to Santa Anita following a close second place finish in the 1 1/16 miles (synthetic Tapeta) California Oaks at Golden Gate Fields on Feb. 6. Trained by Jeff Bonde, the Kentucky-bred filly by Discreetly Mine was fifth, beaten 2 ¾ lengths, two starts back in the 6 ½ furlong Santa Ynez Stakes here Jan. 2. Ninth, beaten 22 lengths by Songbird five starts back in the Grade I, seven furlong Del Mar Debutante, My Dynamo will be making her seventh career start. WHY:             Undefeated Eclipse Champion Songbird will continue on her road to the Santa Anita and Kentucky Oaks for trainer Jerry Hollendorfer and owner Rick Porter’s Fox Hill Farms, Inc. Considered by some to be America’s top 3-year-old, irrespective of gender, Songbird heads a field of 10 sophomore fillies.WHO: My Dynamo, Fernando Perez, Jeff Bonde, 119Land Over Sea, Mario Gutierrez, Doug O’Neill, 119Street Fancy, Victor Espinoza, Phil D’Amato, 123Pageant Material, Santiago Gonzalez, Richard Baltas, 119Merirosvo, Drayden Van Dyke, Patrick Gallagher, 119Songbird, Mike Smith, Jerry Hollendorfer, 123Code Warrior, Anne Sanguinetti, Manuel Badilla, 119Jade Princess, Rafael Bejarano, Bob Baffert, 119Not Now Carolyn, Kent Desormeaux, Keith Desormeaux, 119Mokat, Flavien Prat, Richard Baltas, 119 MOKAT, owned by J K Racing Stable and trained by Richard Baltas, comes off a close third place finish in a one mile turf allowance here on Feb. 5. A Kentucky-bred filly by Uncle Mo, she has been favored in three out of her five starts but would appear better suited on turf. A romping one mile turf maiden winner in her second start on Oct. 31 at Del Mar, she was subsequently second, beaten a half length, in the Grade III, one mile turf Jimmy Durante Stakes Nov. 28. With Mike Smith opting to stick with the favorite, Mokat will be handled for the first time by Flavien Prat. STREET FANCY, owned by Agave Racing Stable, won the Grade I, 1 1/16 miles Starlet at Los Alamitos two starts back on Dec. 12, but was subsequently annihilated by Songbird in the Grade II, Las Virgenes, finishing 28 lengths back while eased. Trained by Phil D’Amato, Street Fancy, a Kentucky-bred daughter of Street Sense, will be ridden back by Victor Espinoza, who rode her for the first time on the Las Virgenes. SONGBIRD, owned by Rick Porter’s Fox Hill Farms, Inc. and the Eclipse Champion 2-year-old Filly for 2015, will try to follow up on her sensational 6 ½ length win here in the Grade II, one mile Las Virgenes on Feb. 6 and extend her unbeaten streak to six. The Kentucky-bred daughter of Medaglia d’Oro is unbeaten in two starts at Santa Anita and is prepping for the Grade I, 1 1/16 miles Santa Anita Oaks on April 9. Regular rider Mike Smith termed her half mile workout in 48 flat here on Sunday thusly: “That was probably one of the best half miles I’ve ever gone, about as easy and as smooth as you could possibly go–very impressive.” JADE PRINCESS, owned by Don Alberto Stable, showed brief speed and was subsequently beaten 13 lengths while running fifth behind Songbird in the Las Virgenes here Feb. 6. Trained by Bob Baffert, the Kentucky-bred filly by Tapit was a 1 ¾ length first condition allowance winner going one mile here two starts back on Jan. 8. In what will be her sixth career start, Jade Princess will be handled for the first time by leading man, Rafael Bejarano. NOT NOW CAROLYN, owned by Big Chief Racing, LLC, Don’t Tell My Wife Stables, LLC and partners, this lightly raced daughter of Tapit comes off a solid gate to wire one mile maiden special weight win on Jan. 28 and appears to be an up and coming sort. Well beaten in her first two tries, she improved dramatically in her first start for trainer Keith Desormeaux on Jan. 28 and if she can continue her ascent, she could be a factor on Saturday. LAND OVER SEA, owned by Reddam Racing, LLC, a Kentucky-bred filly by Bellamy Road has been soundly beaten by Songbird in four out of her six lifetime starts, including her most recent, as she finished second, beaten 6 ½ lengths, in the Las Virgenes Stakes here on Feb. 6. Trained by Doug O’Neill, Land Over Sea was off at 23-1 in the Las Virgenes but figures to be a shorter price on Saturday as she hopes to improve on her last effort with regular rider Mario Gutierrez up.last_img read more

first_imgCLICK HERE if you are having a problem viewing the photos on a mobile deviceSAN JOSE — Brent Burns made sure that the Sharks season-high losing streak didn’t reach an embarrassing pre-Joe Thornton era mark.Burns blasted in a shot from the point just 22 seconds into overtime at SAP Center on Saturday, ending the Sharks losing streak at seven games with a 4-3 win over the Vegas Golden Knights.In doing so, the Sharks clinched home-ice advantage in the opening round of the Stanley Cup playoffs, …last_img read more