November 2017

2, analysis of the structure and content of web content competitors how to layout

for the new station of Shanghai Longfeng package, but do not know how to analyze your competitors website, how should we grasp the competition website analysis? This topic has been plagued by us, we should be how to analyze competitor’s website, how can we make full use of their own advantages and disadvantages of competition contrast.

using some tools or other means of Shanghai DragonThe operating modes of the web site read more

content recommendation based on the analysis of the user is viewing the contents of the " " gene; ", select similar with the current content; " gene; the object is recommended to the user. At the same time the analysis of user browsing past the contents of the " " gene; and to obtain their preferences, then object and user preference is recommended to the user. For example, a user browsing a package, to recommend other similar packages.

recommendation based on user behavior is to use the swarm intelligence algorithm, group behavior analysis of users, between users and users of the comprehensive analysis of similarity and needs of individual users of niche products, and also improve the recommendation accuracy, diversity and novelty. read more