July 2017

in the webmaster online learning a lot of older things, but also read a lot about the local county site how to operate information, benefit greatly. Today, I also talk about some of the ideas I made about our county website. Please enlighten master, please paizhuan.

I’m a freelance worker in Shaanxi, Longxian. I prefer to work on websites, but I’m basically a rookie. Each time it takes a long time to work out. The county network has been going through 2 months. Here’s my fight for the last 2 months. read more

first of all we say — what is the tea website publicity soft, soft propaganda is the content of tea in the promotion of a possible way, propaganda is a tea website, it may be a product of tea. At the bottom of the articles I write each have to leave your site name and address first, can be said that each article to do AD, from a certain point of view, my article Pianpian are tea soft propaganda. Here we will talk about how to write a quality tea propaganda soft.

one, the title has penetrating power read more

e-commerce has become a backbone of social development, whether at present or in the future for a longer period of time, can provide electricity providers to explore space is still quite large. Some people may think that the current excessive electricity quantity, industry competition more and more cruel, this will make the whole industry electricity supplier a period of stagflation, in fact this view is completely inconsistent with the actual situation. Some local why are keen to build the local comprehensive e-commerce platform? The reason lies in more and more places have been aware of the importance of e-commerce, especially the development of local characteristics and promote local economic development. read more

first, all share to struggle in the station on the road! A lot of power when you want to give up we can persist in the end is what we do not even know. But if we persist in such an industry, we should try to give yourself a result, although we can not completely successful, but at least we know we tried fine! I believe that many people have such a feeling, every day I did a lot of work, but did not see to effect, do not know how to put your site operation up! So it is confused, so we today from another perspective read more

got in touch with it, no matter what the road was.

at the very beginning, just like a long journey, do not know the road, what even the road things are confused, confused, lonely, watching other people go forward, I say I will also learn.

, such as promotion, for friends, I feel that work is work, it is inappropriate to send advertising to them. What is changed into the character signature associated with the site, go to a friend on the space of truth to the message, for fear of their own fame I remember my PS be destroyed on one day, a picture of the beautiful cake processing, we take the domain name of the website, make the signature, leaving a second words. My friend said is very beautiful, but I know that you are on the website, publicity your website, I have never used this private QQ message, he also specifically made for space and QQ, but I have to update the site, add new content to the website, no time to organize space that is almost empty. To send a few ads in the forum, the first direct copy of our site content up a little later, add a link, the results ID was sealed, only to know: Oh, originally here not to advertise. read more

, give me ten thousand yuan for promotion. What will I do,


see a previous post, the question is how effective before ten thousand pieces of flowers in promotion, here I talk about my idea.

such promotion is two levels, one is the capital level, and the other is the time level.

on the level of time, means that ten thousand pieces can not be spent all at once, and can not spend too slowly, affecting the red speed. There should be layers. Personally think is: the first month by artificial cost free publicity methods, such as what BBS, ah, BLOG, TM and so on, not much introduced. read more

1-2 year Network Entrepreneurship Program:

1, short term goal: develop 10 content rich websites that contain at least 100 articles, and optimize to get the highest traffic. Time in 60 days;

2, mid term goal: develop 25 content rich websites, with at least 250 articles, and optimize to get the highest traffic. Time in 180 days;

3, long-term goal: to develop 100 content rich websites, there are at least 1000 articles, and optimize to get the highest traffic. The time is two years;

generates revenue, and each site will generate revenue within 90 days. The site will initially run Google AdSense, and then do other affiliate marketing. read more

we often talk about SEO, and we also talk about how to make your web pages Google, Google’s ranking, or Baidu, Baidu’s ranking. Like my blog, if you zai1Google Google search "orz86", which my blog will be ranked first, while in Baidu Baidu, I can only row in fourth, although the first is my site built on the BSP. In the end, how many commercial value can you get in the first place? Maybe everyone can’t tell. The following series of articles will tell you how much Google ranked first. How many read more

as we all know, the current network marketing homogenization competition is extremely fierce, including SEOER, including network marketers are faced with duplication of content, marketing and other issues of a single.

business cards are also about creative, unique Google business cards (online pictures)

this can only be done from the website marketing creativity. Because facing any website homogenization of the fierce competition, the business is not only an exclusive sale of you, no branch; and product services, the vast majority of the site and other sites are similar. As a result, finding the unique selling point of your website is a top priority for web operators. read more

today saw the filing system third line IDC access providers to record, why was an unsettled state of mind.,? If to verify the record, so I 13 sites, not to close to 10 to 11? 1 is for the record of their ID card, the 1 is for the record of the family the ID card, the other is with colleagues, friends, or friends of the identity card record! And verified, the family name in the past can be verified, friends can also call the past, the netizen? Who is willing to go to the site to verify the

record for you read more