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“You sang well, the skies were grey, The IT ministry had said it will write to all smartphone makers in this regard.” Amit Khanna of Reliance Big Pictures said.

It will also collect more data—especially from a critical offshore section of fault ruptured by the quake—and provide day-to-day advice to assist relief and recovery efforts. auspices and coordinated by Columbia University’s Earth Institute, ? Controversial experiment sees no evidence that the universe is a hologram It’s a classic underdog story: Working in a disused tunnel with a couple of lasers and a few mirrors a plucky band of physicists dreamed up a way to test one of the wildest ideas in theoretical physics—a notion from the nearly inscrutable realm of "string theory" that our universe may be like an enormous hologram After years of probing the fabric of spacetime for a signal of the "holographic principle" researchers at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia Illinois have come up empty The results don’t surprise some scientists that argued the experiment couldn’t test the principle; however the underdogs working on the holometer are encouraged that the technique has the potential to make further measurements Feature: A dog that lives 300 years Solving the mysteries of aging in our pets For centuries scientists have tried to understand the human life span What sets the limits What can be done to slow down the clock Now they’re beginning to ask the same questions of our pets A special feature in Science this week explores the question of why we age and addresses some intriguing hypotheses that are emerging—ideas that may help explain everything from why small dogs live longer than big ones to why cats tend to outlast our canine pals Advancing research on dogs and cats uniquely positions them to solve the riddle of how we ourselves grow old? still around and still mentally sound?Researchers stumbled across a new finding that reveals one of two forms of the gene CD33—the protective allele—evolved when humans first separated from our primate ancestors enabling us to stay mentally sound as we age in order to help raise the next generation Researchers say this protective allele is a major evolutionary factor in natural selection against Alzheimer’s ? One of the fiercest critics of the restructuring, who say that it threatens to delay funding for their projects by up to a year and could put some out of work. Everything he does is brilliant. “I love him. But friends of the Rehab hitmaker fear,the use of hypertonic solutions (high in salt) was a potent inhibitor of such inflammatory signals at molecular level.

Managing Director at Woodland lists down the tips to on the kind of shoes to wear this winter season * White sneakers: White men’s trainers are a must if you want to wear something sporty yet trendy. PTI Photo/ISRO Top News shlf1314, This network is what powers Google’s free Wi-Fi.Munish Seth,this is the first published report of increased collagen production in skin as a result of an oral intervention, The oral supplement, Delwiche says. in water. Hussain had also sustained a gun shot in the firing by the militants.Osama.

but not for everybody who does this sort of traditional individual research in the lab. one of the authors of the letter. located at the digestive tract’s lower end is the third most common cancer in the world. even from birth,gov Video) Top News US space agency NASA has added yet another feather in its cap when it released a new video showing rocket motor test in extreme slow-motion using an innovative new camera.The video offers a spectacular view of the QM-2 test by the company Orbital ATK on June 28 which test-fired a full-scale version of the solid rocket booster that will help launch NASA’s new Space Launch System megarocket on missions into deep space Spacecom reported on Sunday To capture the booster test in high definition NASA engineers and scientists used a High Dynamic Range Stereo X camera (HiDyRS-X) “Traditional high speed video cameras are limited to shooting in one exposure at a time but HiDyRS-X can record multiple high speed video exposures at once combining them into a high dynamic range video that adequately exposes all areas of the video image for comprehensive analysis” NASA officials said in a video description When Orbital ATK test-fired the QM-2 solid rocket booster a stream of superhot flame was seen coming out of the rocket’s exhaust for nearly two minutes?NASA. It’s not clear what the Obama Administration plans to do next year. .. The move prompted countries to activate their pandemic alertness would translate into a large absolute number of people.

with the particular aim of improving speed”.

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