Since the media age REO struck Shanghai dragon over REO sweeping is unstoppable

content recommendation based on the analysis of the user is viewing the contents of the " " gene; ", select similar with the current content; " gene; the object is recommended to the user. At the same time the analysis of user browsing past the contents of the " " gene; and to obtain their preferences, then object and user preference is recommended to the user. For example, a user browsing a package, to recommend other similar packages.

recommendation based on user behavior is to use the swarm intelligence algorithm, group behavior analysis of users, between users and users of the comprehensive analysis of similarity and needs of individual users of niche products, and also improve the recommendation accuracy, diversity and novelty.

The characteristics of

specifically, behavior, comprehensive utilization of recommendation engine users attribute, attribute, content, object classification, and the social relationships between users, mining user preferences and needs, take the initiative to recommend the user object of interest or need.

, SEM, WEO, Shanghai, ASO, ASM, but not heard of REO. So the question is! What is REO REO? What are the factors affecting

Abstract: in recent years, with the influx of BAT platform from the media, since the media development has ushered in the outbreak. Since the media platform is booming from today’s headlines and caused it A new force suddenly rises., is a recommendation engine based on data mining products, it is recommended the user value, personalized information, provide new service to connect people with information, is one of the fastest growing products into the domestic mobile Internet service. The phantom blog that recommendation engine will also usher in rapid development, and optimization techniques for recommendation engine will also usher in a new opportunity, " REO" (Recommendation Engine Optimization) is bound to get more exposure.

recommendation engine based on content, based on user behavior, based on social networks and other methods, recommended for users of goods or the content of love.

blog wrote an article "love Shanghai account name system emergency start of future sea dragon Dezhuan fell in love with the sea?", which mentioned REO (recommendation engine optimization), all about REO, then we have to start it from the recommendation engine.

recommendation engine, active users found the current or potential demand, and take the initiative to push information to the user’s information network.

social network based on the recommendation by analyzing the user’s social networking, "

?The phantom What is the

recommendation engine?


We all know that

recommendation engine is not a passive search, but take the initiative to push; not independent media, but the media network; not retrieval mechanism, but active learning.

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