When the Shanghai dragon Er cares about these factors of website ranking ups and downs when you

second: website revision by ranking fluctuation

for this kind of helpless, cause a lot of talk about "Shanghai dragon Er" revision is not pale, but the website to the website sentenced to death, as long as the use of appropriate methods to revision, is completely not a problem:

: the first website content of the original low quality

website ranking ups and downs is a not unusual thing, but is the so-called a reason for it, the website ranking is not stable and we can’t just blame love Shanghai algorithm, should go to find the reasons from their own web site. Some reason is that many Shanghai dragon Er doesn’t want to pay close attention to, but it is the main source of instability in the website. Below the author to simply count and analyze the effects of several factors on the stability of the website ranking.

(2) used some offbeat skills to the "original manufacturing". You can choose some robot.txt files on the website banned included collecting and processing articles, such as taobao贵族宝贝, some digital library:

done site optimization friends believe have such an experience: hard to see their web site optimization rankings to ideal ranking, but second days found 100 and back to the outside… . this situation is repeated, will undoubtedly make the enthusiasm of Shanghai dragon Er is on a plate of cold water.

(1) on the site before the revision, we must first use the robot.txt file to prohibit all search.

(1) if you have time and writing skills, you can write a little practical original, even two or three days a day is like a collection of others the better;

we all know, the search engine is a new robot program, for some repeatedly appeared on the Internet content, search engine spiders are not tempted. We have some Shanghai dragon ER because writing skills as well as the lack of understanding of industry website, unable to write good original articles. In desperation, only to other sites on the collection of other articles to the original artifacts. But the pseudo original is never original, when a spider once identified, even if the website ranking will thus be banished back to past, it will cause we mentioned above a day home, day 100 outside the situation.

pseudo original no, then how should we improve the quality of the original? I recommend:

Since the

love Shanghai optimization guide told us the plaintext, the website should not easily change once was collected, otherwise you may be punished. But some sites because in the pre paid no attention to write good title and keywords, to optimize work later become bad, we have to go to a website, but once changed, probably caused by the above mentioned website ranking of the ups and downs of the situation. Under such circumstances, what should we do?

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