Love of Shanghai during the mid autumn day will update a week update trend

reduce the overall proportion: 34.79%

2010 September 23rd (Thursday) only one update;

The overall proportion of new anti chain: 0.18%

today has to love Shanghai as scheduled on Friday appeared a month after the update, every festive day Mid Autumn Festival, one more round full moon, the Mid Autumn Festival is expected during the National Day holiday, there will not be big fluctuations, often at home, everyone at ease and family to celebrate the mid autumn festival.

love K station in Shanghai, the overall proportion: 0.55%

analysis of historical comparison updateAt the end of the month: September

October love Shanghai


: the PR value of noble baby

included new sites: 0.55%

big update;

love Shanghai included:

The overall proportion of

love Shanghai rankings:

included reducing the overall proportion: 38.85%

chain to increase the overall proportion: 55.86%

ranking drop: 32.7%

love Shanghai ranked overall change: 41.7%

love Shanghai anti chain:

love Shanghai update history data analysis:

September love Shanghai

The chain

PR: 0%


is the overall proportion of K chain: 0.09%

PR: 0.1%

included increased overall proportion: 39.76%

2011 September: September 28th (Wednesday) at the end of the month, the 29 day (Thursday), 30 days (Friday) for three days

analysis of historical comparison update

P R: 0%

September 28th (Friday) love Shanghai update

website update overall ratio: 78.61%

website update overall ratio: 90.65%

2010 October: October 1st National Day was a big update; after 14 days (2 -14) in the end of temporary update;


rankings: 9%


2012 September: September 22nd (Saturday) at the end of the month, the 25 day (Tuesday), 28 days (Friday) appears three times this week including Monday update; two update;

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