Understand love Shanghai love Shanghai reasons do eliminate the chain chain construction work

even in the high weight forum posting, if the post traffic is low, with less, it will drown in the post, slowly will be love Shanghai removed, the chain corresponding also exist.


with Google’s gone, love Shanghai has formed a dominant situation, in order to get their own share in the Internet, most of the webmaster to do the work of the center to love Shanghai, love Shanghai and one of the construction of the chain is the webmaster of the construction work, believe that many webmaster friends in do the work of the chain, we will encounter love Shanghai removed the chain page, serious when removing a part of this, for our website development is not very smooth, light will cause fluctuating, serious will cause the website drop right and be K, the webmaster, is a a big blow, looked at her hard to do outside the chain but not to be loved in Shanghai recognized, did not play a role, it is a painful and helpless thing, therefore, in order to solve this problem. Questions, we must reason to fall in love with the sea love Shanghai eliminate the chain, in order to make the chain work. The author believes that the chain work is difficult to do, the main chain is not easy to find a strong correlation between the pages, and to stabilize the object is not easy, following the chain is easy to be removed:

: the first page of the weight of the chain of low, high repeatability will be deleted

if your site and the chain of web content is not relevant, and the "quality is relatively low, so easily lead to be deleted.

second: industry correlation is relatively small links easily removed.

if the chain of the site itself weight is low, is a problem that can be saved if "love Shanghai long down, let alone do the chain, the most obvious manifestation of this situation than some of the webmaster friends some small articles have been reproduced, began to check included, but soon will found to be deleted, this is because the weight is too low the station’s sake, but if it is high weight website, so these pages will not be deleted, the chain has done will also be long-term preservation.

fifth: the chain group was easily removed

third: the chain was issued by K’s blog and forum account to delete

love Shanghai

this is all known, if the blog and forum account is K, when you love Shanghai next update, the chain issued by these blogs and forums account deleted, because these links are dead, already can not find relevant content.

as you know, the search engine has a mechanism of mass discrimination, for this part of the chain, the search engine is evil and pain, this chain is easy to remove the love of Shanghai.

fourth: in the forums exposure small posts to be deleted

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