How to deal with the new search engine optimization

2, the chain can not do too much, it will cause excessive optimization situation. It should be noted, the chain link is the best home, increase the weight of home page.

network every day to tens of thousands of sites in the growth, how to get to the top of each enterprise boss’s attention in the search engine, the search engine optimization personnel will produce a large number of SE0. Especially new sites, Shanghai dragon is to want to get to the top. How can this be done, in order to meet the taste of search engine.

3, the weight distribution, Shanghai Longfeng personnel should consciously plan the weight of the web page, the link structure of the important page weight.

site included, how to design the new general good, will start to obtain a high ranking, and even home also often appear. When the owners begin to pay attention to, now the ranking is temporary, during your site has entered the. Several problems should be paid attention to the Webmaster:

website design: first enrich website content, and then to the broader search engine submission site.

3, original content to continue to do so, Links exchange should also be properly.

1, the chain should not be too much, should be gradual growth, appropriate to do outside the chain can guide the spider.

site structure design: new web design, to solve this problem, how to design a website, the search engine can be included in the website, can quickly included in the page, can grab web content and so on.

update again, you will find your website ranking dropped to second or third pages or even disappear in the rankings, the owners do not need to be nervous, this is a normal phenomenon. Check whether K, whether the chain rose too fast, or chain problems, or a chain, or the server causes problems such as these can find. Then continue on the content, the chain. Over the study period, ranking will slowly come up.

2, the choice of keywords, the many sites have said, there is not much to say.


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1, the search engine to static HTML links. The picture is not suitable for FLASH and included, although the website with FLASH effect may be more beautiful, but not difficult to track search engines crawl, it will cause problems included.

When the new

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