Website optimization puzzled You only need to do this

, an external optimization

when we are in the construction site, has mentioned that placed outside the chain to increase their site and attract users. So, some people think that the more the chain, for their site will help more. In fact, not many things are too far. The chain should be placed through their screening, the main content, website, and to be loved by the public. Another point is that your site permissions itself is relatively small, the chain too much will make your site to bear, have burned out risk. This will cause your site running sluggish, allowing users to experience a sense of decline.

1, professional website layout, good user experience, no high quality of the chain, so that we can bring the 10 day weight lifting.

Several combinations of above Two, the chain of fast lifting weight methodHow to improve the weight of

2, a very large flow, good user experience, more content, less external links to such a combination of increased 4 right in a month can only focus on.


many people think that the external optimization problems, is a very serious incident, in fact, is not so serious. Most of the time, the problem of external optimization is mostly caused some man-made factors. This point is to do their own work, the external harmful factors into favorable factors is not impossible. Love Shanghai knows, these external factors are not to affect the normal operation of the entire site, as long as the fire situation, take some measures, some malicious web site right down.

website optimization is self-evident for the importance of the website, but many novice how to optimize the site is still relatively unfamiliar, often feel confused, really want to do the optimization, only need to pay attention to these items.

tell us, good user experience is a key to increase the weight, no matter how the contents of your other high quality, all but a good user experience. In the website optimization, we must focus on optimizing the user experience.

3, professional website layout, small site traffic, good user experience and high quality of the external links, within a month it will not rise in weight.

, many people should know, is the high quality of the external links, site traffic, good user experience and so on, these can increase the weight of ascension, but more time. For example, some think, if a way can improve the weight, improve the weight combination of other ways can quickly.

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