Liu Qiangdong entrepreneurial way Mengsui politics Road University Programming to earn 200 thousand


sometimes you will feel free, they can go out shopping, leisure holiday park, fishing etc… in fact, all you see is a surface phenomenon, if you take 24 hours a day to count, they sat down at the computer time is about 16 hours, this is not an exaggeration, this is what experienced. Because the 16 hours of the time may be customers looking for you, because you are not, and lost an opportunity in vain. Sometimes it is because of the loss of this opportunity that it has been fruitless for several days.

if you want to rely on the site to implement the transaction, or use the site to sell services, without diligence to pay, it can not be said to succeed. For example, the site content is original; many sites do not have the ability to trade, because his website provides for the user without any valuable content, are copied from other websites, so don’t say the user’s trust, users even see the website you are not going to look at, why this is also a lot of websites are not successful, there.

wants to rely on the network to make money, must pay ordinary people do not have the diligence;

Liu Yu Moderator: Science and technology change life, old Hebei read technology. Welcome to koala FM for you to produce audio broadcast from the media science and technology program – Lao Ji said technology, I am Liu language. Welcome to our old friend – famous financial writer, IT observer, senior media man, Mr. Ji Yongqing, Mr. Ji, hello.

old Hebei: today you chat with the Jingdong manager Liu Qiangdong – Lawrence business legend, see how he is to break the siege, a road has road in the unfortunate business.

Liu: because the family is poor, Liu Qiangdong’s study is not very hard,

old Hebei: you’re right, Liu Qiangdong is very good at high school grades also have leadership skills, at that time he was not called "Jack", or "brother", but "it". In July 1992, when the college entrance examination was over, Liu Qiangdong’s grades were all good

is not a formal Wangzhuan work as a time schedule every day, after a day’s work will go back home relaxed watching TV, eating dinner, wait until the end of the month to receive salary, sometimes engage in Wangzhuan is likely because of a tied up and did not eat, no sleep, this is a normal thing. Zeaer is because can not stand this kind of life is wasted because of amnesty, his body can not stand this.

ancestors were gone. In the "Cultural Revolution", Liu Qiangdong’s grandfather was tortured to death, while his father, Liu Zhicheng, was implicated and was forced to drop out of high school.

After the founding of new China, the state engaged in public-private partnerships, and the families and vessels of the

Liu: then please ask the teacher to take us in detail about Liu Qiangdong himself.


this is the old Ji in the FM mobile phone radio koala program on the old Ji said the technology forty-first period, this time we take you to understand the business Lawrence of Liu Qiangdong and his "grass root" the history of entrepreneurship.

? ?As for this problem a Zeaer

successful network making money requires ordinary people do not have the willpower;

the background: according to iResearch report released in 2013, the China Internet Corporation if ranked according to total revenue of 69 billion 300 million yuan, the Jingdong in the first row, Tencent 60 billion 400 million yuan in second, as Ali and sh419, only ranked third and fourth. But in comparison, the Jingdong manager Liu Qiangdong is real in the grass root entrepreneur, his entrepreneurial history of ill fated, after many ups and downs. Well, what kind of hardships did he experience, what kind of legend did he have, and how did he break through the encirclement,

don’t want to answer, because of envy to envy, Zeaer also had their use for Wangzhuan experience, so I also admire them for their strong willpower and feel reverence.

these are also engage in Wangzhuan initially have to experience things, perhaps rely on the strong will survive will be better. But remember, "whether you sell products or sell services, it’s a long process."."

Lao Ji: of course you can. Let’s talk about Liu Qiangdong’s past, he really belongs to cock wire entrepreneurship. Liu Qiangdong was born in March 10, 1973 in Suyu District, Liuzhou Town, Guangming Village, an ordinary peasant home. Liu Qiangdong home in water than on land, my ancestors sailing a living. He was too grandfather’s generation, the family has a fleet of Yangzhou’s porcelain and other trafficking to Xuzhou, and then Xuzhou coal and other trafficking to Yangzhou, through reselling merchandise to earn the difference. Liu Qiangdong had very wealthy family, grandfather since childhood to the private school to study fleet.

has many money contact network friends think Wangzhuan is a very easy thing, because they see a lot of people because to eat and drink, do not worry about Wangzhuan or direct use for students willing to say. These people not only watch others jealous, sometimes Zeaer is very envious of them, such as their work every day in the most tired will think if you insist earlier make Wangzhuan is good, so every day without hard work, you can shout together with their slogan "count money hand weak, sleep wake up naturally." What a free life it is and a life that many people yearn for. But if the network make money very low threshold, have so many people to stop. So what do you need to make money on the Internet,

was 17 years old, Liu Zhicheng began to fill Liu Qiangdong’s grandfather’s death. He ran the ship in the canal every day, and paid 12 yuan a month. Therefore, Liu Qiangdong’s life was very hard, in his memory, when "Steamed Rice basically can not be eaten every day, eat one or two times a week can Steamed Rice is very good, but the meat is even more impossible.

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