Master the relationship between JS and Shanghai Longfeng JS code is used to have

JS benefits:

JS is a scripting language, generally large websites are invoked by JS, it is with the HTML code, the website has a very important relationship. If there is a JS not friendly to the search engine, I can only say that is the ability of the search engine is not enough, not up to the ability to identify JS.

The shortcomings of

is the search engine love is static page. This is why I say the first sentence the first user of our search engine is not the reason, because we really love the user is vivid dynamic page. As the site has a JS tool is by the users love, you said, JS also does not conform to the user experience? And, from the search engine is now changing trend, dynamic pages will be a mainstream in the future. JS web page allows you to move up

JS: the search engine does not recognize

when we spoke about the Shanghai dragon, I think people may be more part of the search engine as the first user, often in order to win the love of the search engine, rather than the real user experience. In view of the search engine’s attitude to JS, more and more people are not willing to do JS. This is a misunderstanding, the misunderstanding will give you the negative impact of Shanghai dragon. Here we take a look at the JS for the benefits and shortcomings of Shanghai dragon.

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2. users love dynamic pages

this article is mainly about the impact of JS on Shanghai dragon, so frankly I do not think that the negative effect of JS on Shanghai dragon is very large, as long as the JS does not contain too many sites, because now the search engine does not recognize a programming language like this. This noble baby and other search engines also made stressed: try to use search engine to identify text information, avoid excessive JS and Cookies complex technology. Yes, master a degree, can

The data exchange

JS function without database and interactive, so as to reduce the burden on the server, but also reduces the speed of the page load, said here you think Shanghai Longfeng? Yes, this is in line with the Shanghai dragon in user experience. So the use of JS can effectively improve the user experience, the search engine is related to the degree of user experience. So, not Overgeneralization, full negation of JS.

finally and in response to the user’s operation are in fact just mentioned a provincial and municipal linkage function, in the registration we often see some of the JS AJAX upgrade function, such as password length and security verification code, check whether the air and so on, all the work can be assigned to the JS, not every time the user submitted as a database request, greatly reducing the load on the server.

1. database and notThe

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