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is now the Shanghai dragon, keyword index to judge alone is not the reality, hot industry word, even the love of Shanghai index and dozens, the degree of competition is also very large, opposite unpopular industries high index, the degree of competition is not high. On average, no matter what the industry index below 200, more appropriate, in the high word is relatively difficult.

and common market products, is also a competition size, the greater the degree of competition, the word optimization difficulty is greater also, as I search for movie tickets booking "word, included results for 8 million 710 thousand, indicating the degree of competition is OK, if this word well optimized, probably takes about three months to reach home. Keywords and different industries will be different, the general hot industry keyword competition will be relatively large, when the webmaster when setting the home key, the best choice of a target keywords, a core keyword plus about two words long tail. It is a long tail word core keywords or target keywords to expand out, such as "the ticket" once belongs to the core keywords.

included the page directly decide on the difficulty of the word size, the greater the more difficult, generally included in 5 million the following words can be classified as normal, more than 5 million belong to the medium, more than 20 million are difficult.


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advertising auction number


one by one to see the top ten sites, the weight of a collection, site time and domain name is the domain name or the two level domain name, if found to have weak site on the first page, then into the home is very likely, seize each other’s weaknesses, strengthen their own advantages.

love Shanghai index

search results advertising (link) itself shows that the words are very valuable, there are generally two to three ads will be able to explain the higher the degree of competition, in order to search results for judging the intensity of competition on the level.

According to the website of the

is now the Shanghai dragon, not only by the analysis of figures, but need to perceive everything around and experience, if you are a novice, then I believe this problem for you, will soon resolve, you need to do is to do more practice. The above content by pull the film (, please indicate the address.

if you find a word with massive attention in one day after day, so we can advance the optimization of the word, let the words rush in the heat before the row on the home page, so as to seize the opportunities. But often the heat in the past, the relative competitiveness will gradually decline.

with timeliness

included judge the word competition is

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