On the improvement of the five factors must know the website

a website content quality

and Shanghai friends exchange Links dragon optimization, the other usually see if you love Shanghai snapshot, included, PR (this is much better now, but there are many PR friends will still refer to this), keywords ranking and so on. As we do optimization, the importance of the content and the chain is self-evident, the content included the proportion also can see the weight of a web site, but you should know a lot of the long tail word ranking is through the optimization, if the articles are not included, talk about ranking, that is not empty. So today I to share with you some help to improve the website included trick.

Do the site map The

when we visit the site, often a site map of the column, when we open the map will find this is to tell us what part of this site, each section of which sub directory, to facilitate the user to find the required content directly. Not all emphasize the user experience? The search engine is from the user experience, we map on the website after adding, can guide the spider to the path we set up, reduce the spider workload, so can improve the amount collected.

404 page is to site appears dead links when returns to the user a we set a good page. Many times we site due to revision, manual operation errors and other reasons, "

chain construction

we have always stressed that the original article, why? Because every day the search volume is very large, if more to repeat the article with your site weight is not enough, it is difficult to put out (because I have a small blog weight is good, as long as not too high to reprint articles, which if it is also directly copied) will put out this and our life is the same, if the same item has seen many times, look at the time is not attractive. So high quality content is king.

We went to

the article was collected in large area, so do the optimization in the station of the chain is indispensable, we all know that spider crawling is the link, so we in the website to do within the chain, not to submit a spider landing entrance? Such a large area of the layout of the chain. To form a huge network, it will greatly enhance the collection.

Optimization of



chain for the emperor, we are doing the optimization process, the importance of the chain is very important. After all, a lot of the site’s weight is not very high, this time we can go to release linkbait (i.e., chain), attract spider came to our site, so as to enhance the web site is included. A lot of the construction of the chain: BBS signature, blog, quiz platform, classification of information, the blog group of building and so on.

five 404 page

two in the chainIf you want to

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