How to make the internal links to fly in search results in the noble baby

based on the internal navigation links optimization as the theme, according to the following 4 steps to achieve effective chain optimization.

The internal navigation links The


preliminary experimental results show that the internal links in the relatively stable situation, a large number of internal links displaying the noble baby in the web site administration tool links page, in the site relative to other pages right important high.

for search engine grab every submitted internal links page content.

search engine to crawl to a certain extent, save the cost of the spider.

1) from a user perspective: internal navigation can tell visitors the current page in the website of the position, how to reach the lower page, and how to return.

everyone knows in the optimization of the chain will directly affect the overall weight of the site, so in the end what kind of optimization is effective? If fly within the link anchor text search on the nobility baby results, can be optimized in place.


2. initiative to submit Sitemaps pagecrawling nobility baby let more timely

3. to understand the internal links included nobility baby

2) from the perspective of search engine optimization: internal navigation for noble baby spiders crawl and analysis website page association. The search engine will follow the internal navigation links to crawl the entire site, at the same time can tell what is the content page, which is what is on the page directory page.


want to let the baby to know noble pages within the website Association, internal web site navigation (also called breadcrumb navigation links) production is very important:

production standard internal navigation can provide more convenient navigation service for users, and can make the search engine the current page in the website structure, and the relationship between the upper and lower page.

standard internal navigation

site within the number of links to a page, a number of internal links can be controlled. How to understand the search engine included on these internal links? Can use the web site administration tool nobility baby "internal links to view these data. These data are updated regularly, often need to be concerned about the trend.

love Shanghai Post Bar is very good reference object, can make the standard internal navigation site according to their structural characteristics.

4. allows nobility baby search results show anchor text navigation within

only the nobility baby according to the internal links to grab all the inside pages, in order to be effective optimization. Will recommend regular website internal links to generate Sitemaps (site map) submitted to the noble baby, functions as follows:

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