Qualified seven ability to master the Shanghai dragon ER

practitioners of all walks of life are now need to master the ability of the master, if you do not have these abilities will not survive and develop long-term, as well as Shanghai dragon in this industry, you need to master the ability of Shanghai dragon ER should grasp, it should grasp what ability? I look on the net, not very detailed the article said that this matter today, small crane is more specific to grasp the ability.

to peer communication, to communicate with the leadership, to communicate with their subordinates, to communicate with the other departments to communicate with the client, these are in need of good communication skills, if communication is not good, it will give the Shanghai dragon trouble, this not kotsuru specifically, a lot of Shanghai dragon ER should be familiar with.

execution in many articles have mentioned, for Shanghai dragon ER is indeed a very important ability, but you plan to write good, no matter how well you, if you do not perform, that all this was in vain. Originally scheduled to work today you haven’t finished, the keywords ranking optimization will also discount. To do today, today.


why did the data analysis ability on the front? Because Shanghai dragon in the process of data analysis involves many places, keywords difficult analysis and competitor analysis analysis, site analysis, web log analysis, web site fault (here that the fault refers to the decline in ranking, love Shanghai snapshot stop, site site was reduced, K and so on.), website statistical data analysis and so on, these are in the PubMed data analysis capabilities, so for the Shanghai dragon ER, it is very important to master the ability of data analysis.

see a lot of Shanghai Longfeng articles on the Internet, many of them talked about the mentality, thus it can be seen that the mentality is very important for Shanghai dragon ER, Shanghai dragon ER but also a person, natural feelings and emotions, is the state of mind is not good, the Never mind, but we will learn to adjust, adjust to the mind, so as not to go to work in Shanghai Longfeng normal.

does not need to understand very complicated programming, but simple.




2, attitude adjustment ability of

6, Html

5, the ability to perform

programming skills data analysis.

writing ability

writing ability is also very important for Shanghai dragon ER, need to write planning and work plan, soft and so on, these are all used to writing, some people say, not writing. The others write online to take over this change, only suitable for beginners, as a qualified Shanghai dragon ER, you can’t just change, because change often do not have their own style, and makes your plan with others very much the same, it will lose the innovation, that you are always in a primary stage.

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