Health and medical websites how to choose keywords to do promotion

: first class brand category

brand word is our product name and product name, although most of our products such as the name of the word search volume is small, the beginning even no one search, but still we cannot relax, because this is our product promotion, only to do this in a later step, in order to promote not so much trouble and resistance will save a lot of things, because if we are not the beginning words do it, it is very easy to have a negative, and the negative information is also very easy to row to the front.

a medical website how to choose keywords but also to locate according to their products made. Select the keyword must choose high conversion words. If when choosing keywords >

Some of the long tail word called

do network marketing and Shanghai, people know that the choice of keywords is a very important process, whether you do SEO or you do product promotion drainage, select the keyword of this step is essential, of course, some web site keywords before I have seen many of the former generation master introduces how to select the like in the article, I want to say today is not focused on the website keywords choice, but the drainage in product promotion and station promotion, how to select and organize the keywords, that can play a better effect and has the objective flow, because I used to do the medical industry the health care products also is to say so I from this side to give the following example, I hope you do not laugh oh jian. Because when we do product promotion focus are sometimes not the same at that time so do those words do those words also have a little difference, the specific difference please note below (see brother classification in the medical industry, for example):

product name is related words and our products or word is relative to our products great alternative products, because these are the conversion rate is relatively large, because the product term is generally people need this product directly search related products in the search engine on the formation of words, so this the word is also very important, although not many in the index but the conversion rate is still quite considerable.

because I am in the medical industry, for example so that is the kind of word word disease other industries may also be called a conventional word also is what kind of search volume is relatively large, but also our products to treat or what kind of words for these words, although sometimes the conversion rate is not very high but the search the amount is very much, once these words do daily traffic is still quite substantial, of course, because the word index is relatively high or the time to do so in a certain degree of difficulty, but if we want to make the product or to guide more flow of these words is to be done.

third: medical category

second: product category

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