From the pursuit of beauty handsome guy to know the website optimization

we do the chain has been advocating for high quality high correlation station chain, is conducive to enhance the website weight. Is a beauty of the parents or sisters look good, and very well bred, so it is easy to think that the beauty of length >

fourth: to find high quality high correlation station chain

more popular, means more beauty, so handsome choice more handsome, will choose the nearest beauty, while the beauty to get guy’s attention, it must pay more effort, or through a variety of ways to allow yourself to become more beautiful, more charming, otherwise it will not cause the handsome boy attention, similarly, in the search engine algorithm, it means that the amount of information in the path of the spider has been high enough, has met the needs of spiders, can also ensure that the needs of users, unless you get your website is particularly good, especially good, otherwise it is difficult to get good rankings.

second more popular, more not to do

the less competition, more easy to do, it is easy to understand, if the guy around so few beauty, so it is easy to choose the best guy, and want to get the favor of handsome beauty, only need to beat several competitors can, put in the search engine, it can be understood as the amount of information the path where the spiders, spiders can not meet the demand, in order to ensure that the needs of users, the site will be included and given ranking.

first the less competition, more easy to do

third: website directory hierarchy to minimize


we all know, although the search engine is very complex, but also man-made design, since it is believed that design, so naturally into people’s minds, and the search engine spiders all sorts of behavior, but also in the real world people’s reactions, many rules of all search engines, we can be explained by human nature a lot of things, then you will think it is natural, very easy to understand. According to the viewpoint of human nature, to explain the problems in the aspects of website optimization from the perspective of the search engine spiders.

we can put the spider web site as compared to the handsome, beautiful women, then, spider crawling in the index station process, can understand the process of looking for beauty is handsome, and handsome looking for the path of the beauty, it can be understood as the process of the spider crawling on the site. Then, following the knowledge we can understand.


we all know the station optimization requirements website directory hierarchy as little as possible, so as not to exceed three, if from the point of view of human nature, we all love the most direct way, like a handsome pursuit of beauty, the pursuit of the beauty if need to pay too much attention, around one hundred thousand times, then this guy will naturally similarly, in the beat a retreat, the search engine perspective, web directory hierarchy, the more conducive to the spider crawling to all ", given higher weight.

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