Shanghai how to go the way of the Dragon

said that now the search engine

a lot of Shanghai Longfeng search engine when the enemy has been look like, think the search engine change algorithm is to intentionally intentionally all their own, and their own, so they have been to Shanghai dragon and love Shanghai deal, has tried to search engine, drill to make various loopholes to play with search engine. Knowing that they have entered the Shanghai dragon alley, walking out, in fact, love Shanghai is a simulation with the machine "

We all know that

ZAC in the personal interview in that pessimistic about the future of Shanghai dragon sea, fell in love with a new algorithm, let Shanghai Dragon World turbulent love Shanghai more, ranking Shanghai dragon has been whirling, whether need not exist? The author believes that these claims are not reliable. As long as the search engine, there will be search engine marketing, network marketing, this is a very big cake, compared with the current popularity of the Internet is more and more obvious in our era, Internet marketing is not enough, Shanghai dragon can only say is one of the most popular marketing means, of course, compared to other means of marketing for accurate flow Shanghai dragon brings is incomparable other marketing tools, users are accurate, perhaps one day a keyword search is only four or five, but can bring two or three pen business, and through video or micro-blog, perhaps dozens of hundreds or even thousands of traffic can bring only a few precise list. Shanghai dragon is unmatched by other marketing methods, which is why we are very popular in the Shanghai dragon.

is now Shanghai Phoenix Station and stood outside, whether it is "the chain for the king, for after", or "the content is yellow, and the chain" argument, the importance that the chain and content. So, many of these tools produce batch, locomotive collector, all stations of the acquisition, the chain of various mass software, many companies employ large quantities of cheap chain Commissioner to the group chain, big Internet companies even have fifty or sixty people to send the chain. Mass, pseudo original collection, which is currently Shanghai dragon circles with the most prevalent methods, the right to be reduced, the K website, whether you are doing


love Shanghai white is a database, the database can accommodate massive Internet data. Love Shanghai spider system every day sent spider websites to collect information, and then put out, just like a camera, film ready, ready to put out the photos. So much mass, collection, pseudo original content is collected for database, database is cumbersome, so Shanghai has always stressed that the original content of love love. In order to deal with these mass, collection, pseudo original content every day, the search engine is also need to spend a lot of time and energy, so the search engines also constantly adjust their algorithm, the search engine is the essence of the user, provide convenience for the user, this is the essence of search engine.

say now Shanghai dragon

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