From the start of the chain promotion website content

said, the content of the website construction and the chain extension is an organic unity inseparable. And the order is fixed, first, after the chain extension; no content, promote your site outside the chain is can’t do anything. According to the "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide 2" this website content is "website carrier core value", "website just outside chain core value" means of promotion, the chain must proceed from the content of the website system can.

because I am responsible for my blog readers, I can only link to those who can provide readers with useful knowledge on the page, although this at the expense of users stay on my blog, but he can effectively improve the user experience and eat my blog blog – "professional people is what". Not only I believe everyone the same treatment, and the search engines are also encouraged to do the webmaster.

can not be simply summarized as the so-called "human weaknesses", it should be said that this is the website that "Whoever has will be given him redundant; does not have, even what he has will be taken away" the embodiment of Matthew effect.

!In fact, the

indeed, "good wine is also afraid of deep alley, especially when the network site there are a large number of low level of homogeneity, do not attach importance to the construction of the chain and website promotion, let users can’t find your website, even the search engine to find, where users, the core value of your site and how to really reflect the – this is what we do outside the chain of the original intention.

didn’t think, I usually cherish the chain as gold, even to the most willing to no contact with what the website blog do so much the chain; and for a day on my blog directly website blog, although just plain text URL, I have to handle the mask directly.

, therefore, must be the construction of the website chain back to the site’s unique construction of the content system of the above, only the ground will own unique website content system construction, to really find the unique selling point of website promotion, to content and >

Confucius said: "people do not have known, the patient cannot (don’t worry that others do not know their talents, and to not to worry about)", originally this ancient truth in today is also applicable in website promotion.

people are most willing to icing on the cake, do not want to timely assistance weakness, I certainly no exception. But why is this? This is a problem worth thinking about

but if the website is not to meet the unique content of the construction of the chain, even if we go up temporarily, but when the website content cannot meet the needs of users, whether it is to enter the site directly from the chain click, or from the search engine and users will be greatly disappointed to leave immediately, let alone what next the idea, because all the core or promotion to be settled to content promotion. Otherwise it is "cheat the chain", "cheat flow", this approach is certainly not for a long time.

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