Refused to let the website development with curry favour

for every webmaster, ranking the weight of the site is the most important, so many owners will follow in the footsteps of love Shanghai algorithm to development, then in the process of love with Shanghai algorithm constantly updated, many owners will find even to love Shanghai once to please love Shanghai, results also will be to perish. In fact, our brains think, than to let the website to curry favour, the development of nature, so the ranking weight stable, also to the heart at ease, if your website user centered.

whether it is love or Shanghai, Google, 360, Sogou search engine or as they are needed to support the many websites, they all have their own unique algorithms, not free to put some say website K, fall right down, so long as we can honestly make the website is in line with the old point of view the operation of the user experience, in fact, we all need to go to the search engine to please, can get good rankings in search engines. In fact, imagine, if the Internet is just a few of the site you think you need to search engine still exists? So we need to do is to make the site natural operation, not to curry favour.

every one of the search engine is a company, and every company are operators, and for companies that profit can only continue to grow their own team, so no matter what type of our website is to provide users, as long as the required contents show the website of the value, then the search engine has no reason not included in our website, which is the same for the search engine, its value is used for.

(three) search engine is profit institutions, is not a charity.

(two) search engine algorithm rules, but the rules we can use cannot grasp.

(a) search engine needs many web presence, but only ten home position.

no matter what search engine, they all have their own rules and algorithm, as a webmaster we are impossible to grasp these rules, because the search engine is not updated, and these rules naturally is escalating, so we know some laws in the case, we can do is to these rules using the maximum, rather than to follow these rules at once. Because the site has lots of non natural chain, and in the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform also explicitly said to deal with this type of website, and the first station when we know that a website to rank well in addition to the internal optimization, the chain is one of the most critical parts, and at that time we rely too much on lifting weights with the chain, leading to the later love Shanghai algorithm can upgrade, nature and value identification of the chain, and excessive dependence will undoubtedly make our website from prosperity to decline.

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