Site optimization of the chain need to pay attention to what the problem

second, the chain will find related sites, and the anchor text of the chain to use keywords. We do the chain is not casually in any website, especially the website of the Links, we are looking for those with our industry or similar site to do the exchange, because the content of the website source page of the chain and own more relevant, then the ranking of your site more useful. Help of the greater. Otherwise, the effect of very little. In addition, the site.

website optimization have heard that content is king, the chain for the emperor’s argument. We do not say this content and the chain. The chain for the emperor, a word enough to show the importance of the chain. We understand the importance of the chain, the next thing to do is to increase the number of Web site outside of the chain, and thus enhance the weight of the website. But the chain site is the need to pay attention to methods and techniques, not blindly free to do so, if the chain to the site, we often made great efforts, but did not see any effect. Or is a significant effect, but after the site was K, why? Is very simple, because we do not encounter the chain method, line search engine, the result is The loss outweighs the gain. So how to do the chain, the chain website should pay attention to what the methods and skills of


website optimization for many people in this industry are curious, think it is a very technical content of the work. Do the site optimization for so long, there are also many optimized websites that advanced website optimization is not as you said unbelievable. When you are in and slowly to feel. The site optimization and many other work focuses on ideas and methods. When you master the method of theme and site optimization after optimization. Then you will start the website optimization, should hand, Everything is going smoothly. Otherwise, can only be clueless, bustling about, the result is difficult to accomplish nothing out. Here to share with you the website optimization when the chain should pay attention to what the problem, to teach you the chain method.

We often believe that

first, we want to know why to do outside the chain. In fact the chain is to enhance the weight of their own website and recognition. When others appeared on the website of a web site your site, so the site is the chain. It is equivalent to other sites to your site cast a vote, his own website. But the chain for their site is different. When a chain is from a very high weight website, then the weights on their web sites and ranking will play a great influence. Otherwise, you may have to do with a very small difference, and even some websites will play negative role, affecting their website ranking and weighting. So what kind of website is good? That is specific to those legitimate sites and web site snapshot included normal, PR value is good. The chain in this website, nature of their own websites have great effect.

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