Search engine optimization in the weight of keywords

especially InBoundLink chain links from other sites over the anchor text. If you come from the other sites link anchor contains your keywords, anchor the same page is very important. The equivalent of this site cast a vote.

weight: +2


weight: +2

title, although there is no anchor text. At the top of that important text, but also should he taken into account. In the beginning but also pay attention to the page does not mean that the first paragraph of this article, because if you try to form words, the main paragraphs of the text in the form of second part may.


4. anchor keywords in


just put him in the URL (this point Chinese Webpage is not appropriate, the key words in URL is also a great help. For example: 贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/web/0/0.chtml if you do not have in other parts of the page placed keywords. Because I Chinese website URL is generally not included in the index for Chinese keyword optimization Chinese keywords) weight: +3

so be careful. This is another very important factor you need to test. Generally speaking, the best 3-7% 1-2% would be too small if more than 10% may be a bit dangerous search engine that is cheating.

put this part of something to fill! Anyway, and these labels are without what harm is not.

keyword ).Keywords

main page text keywords

At the beginning of the 6. The 3. page document keywords titleThe most

5. at the top of the page you can use H1.

weight: +3

8.Meta in the

6-7 words (Chinese words, this is the most important place to place keywords. The number of words in the Titl must be short. We consider, namely more than 10) key words must rely on the weight before Chinese characters: +3

2. URL in the


but make sure your website is about the text keywords things, this position is also very important. Otherwise it will be considered cheating.

weight: +3



but will read the picture text: if your page and pictures, search spiders do not read the image content. Should add the appropriate keywords for the picture.

weight: +3

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