The enterprise website how to protect CC attack

website management, what is the most terrible

is clearly the website by DDoS attack. Everyone has this experience, is to visit a website or forum, if this website or forum traffic is relatively large, more accessible to people, open the page can be slow, right?! in general, more accessible, more pages of a website or forum, the greater the database, access frequency is higher, system resources is considerable,.

, a CC attack principle:


CC attack principle is the attacker control of some of the host kept a large number of data packets sent to the other server server caused by the depletion of resources, until the crash down. CC is mainly used to attack the page, everyone has this experience: when the number of a web access and more particularly, open the web page is slow, CC is to simulate multiple users (the number of threads is the number of users) to keep access to those who need a lot of data operation (that is, we need a large amount of CPU time) page, cause the server resource waste, CPU long time in 100%, always have not processed connection until the network congestion, normal access has been suspended.

CC attack three, direct attack, the attack, botnet attacks, direct attacks aimed at the defects of WEB have important applications, generally speaking is the program written in question will appear this kind of circumstance, relatively rare. Botnet attacks are similar to DDOS attacks, from the WEB application level has no defense, so the CC attack is usually a group of attackers operating a proxy server, for example 100 agents, and each agent also issued 10 requests, this WEB server also received 1000 concurrent requests, and in a after the request, immediately broken connections with the agent, avoid the data returned by the agent itself will be bandwidth blocked, and wouldn’t start again at the request, the WEB server will respond to those requests for the process queue, the database server is the same, so that the normal requests will be processed in a row, just like you go to the cafeteria to eat, generally less than ten.

Two types of

, CC attacks:

Type As a webmaster or

CC DDoS (distributed denial of service attack) a DDoS attack, compared to other CC seems to be more technical content of some. This attack you see false IP see abnormal flow is particularly large, but the server can not be caused by normal connection, ordinary users of a ADSL to hang up a Web server with high performance. This shows its harmfulness, known as the "Web killer" is not too much. Most owners worry is that this attack technology content is not high, the use of tools and some IP proxy, a primary and intermediate level computer users will be able to implement DDoS attack.

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