Several detailed soft text writing points

part of Shanghai dragon Er habitually ignored the end at the end of a period often glossed over, devoid of content, the whole article is easy to give people a sense of top-heavy, influence the whole article to give the reader an impression. Generally the end of the article is nothing more than start from the following aspects: 1 based on the above analysis, draw a conclusion, how to summarize the truth, thought-provoking; 2 of the above text >

the second paragraph of hierarchical

first, the first paragraph must account for the subject of

I said here paragraph structured, one hand refers to the text of the article is not too many words, paragraphs should not be too long, every piece of narrative content is associated with each other. But bloggers found the writer (especially many novice) most concern is often write, every section of the content and purpose of this article to express completely out of touch, even can not find such nodes, there is no convincing. This general in many paragraphs long, narrative detail is very common. No matter how long you want to use the paragraph and text to describe, must focus on the central issue to you, or to say more is futile. The blogger personal suggestions for soft Wen, try to express a complete meaning with the most concise language, the less words, the greater the amount of information transmitted to the reader, we demand effect.

finally, to the end of order

is a soft, the first paragraph is crucial, let the reader grasp what you want to convey in the first paragraph to read the content, it is very important to the user experience. The author through the observation of some writers feel the first paragraph article, there are two caveats: first, the first paragraph must be mentioned in the thesis, let others read the first paragraph can be informed of what you have to say is the key; secondly, the first paragraph and text to appropriate excessive and cohesion, to the content of the first text some must be mentioned, such as "the following are a few tips according to the experience summed up the experience of" transitional statement can not be less. The purpose is to elicit very smooth text content; finally, must not to lead you, in front of a big burden on, when you see fourth words, not to the point, we do not advocate very soft writing, the amount of information of modern people get too much patience will be more limited.

is a soft core work the marketing team can not be ignored, regardless of the brand promotion of enterprises to expand the visibility, or for the chain of Shanghai dragon optimization, soft Wen is the focus of marketing. But any team may feel good, always precious, to truly master the soft writing skills, but also need a lot of effort. Also wrote a lot about soft news headline writing skills on the article the author before, here today to share some key points in writing under the main part. The author said, mainly for the original soft, pseudo original or reproduced to modify other article, are not discussed in this category.

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