Using love Shanghai site logo 3 days to break the traffic bottleneck


can click on the "submit" is the authority submitted, then you can set your logo, then the next step, as shown below:

After you submit the audit in the

, what is the site of logo:

two, logo site:

1, the big picture >


can submit site logo sample:

cannot submit site logo sample:

no text, directly above everyone understand, do not understand the children’s shoes to online search several websites will understand.

when your competitors do not have this LOGO site, and your site, it can effectively attract the attention of the user, the user can increase the number of click our website.

1, landing Shanghai Webmaster Platform

all the detailed steps above: landing Shanghai, the love Webmaster Platform tools and the site management to the site, the property (not submitted or can be submitted). In accordance with the instructions, and then go to see your website you have permission to add the site logo.

, there will be audit tips, you can be modified during the audit, preview.

three, for love Shanghai site LOGO steps:





2, submit site logo step

is not registered in Shanghai love webmaster tools students want to go to Shanghai to register love Webmaster Platform account, this account is very important, don’t forget, then add a validation of your website, does not verify the students, there are three ways to teach you to verify the site Webmaster Platform, choose one method can verify that no who would you please help the programmer.

note making site

want to make your site click on the surge? Believe Shanghai dragon er for this goal, see the title for love Shanghai site LOGO (snapshot display picture), estimated that many white sea Shanghai dragon, optimized master is bothered to tell you this way, today Taiyuan Shanghai dragon learning net to taught you how to love for Shanghai site LOGO (snapshot display picture) method:

four, logo

note: for the new station, the general love of Shanghai is not considered to submit your site permissions of the logo. We don’t give up, while optimizing a website while pay attention to it, have submitted permissions immediately after submission.

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