The server does not affect the stability of several on the website of the deadly

The stability of the

server, how much impact for a website optimization? Many webmaster friends may have only seen in the Shanghai dragon tutorial, but the real experience can feel, how important is a stable server for a web site; there are now many webmaster feel, server stability is more important than what, because their traffic is large, one day can reach hundreds of thousands of IP, competitors looked unhappy, the site was attacked is very common. For those high weight website, the influence degree than those virile soon, with a low weight website by the search engine "treatment" is completely different.

included reducing.

snapshot is a barometer of a website, good website snapshot update speed is once daily, and the website problems, immediately expressed that grace from the snapshot, when a website down when the snapshot update rate is not so often in a timely manner, or even ten and a half months need to give you an update.

, causing the site to drop right

when a website weight is reduced, which included many sites but not high quality articles, the search engine would have been removed, included reducing is also very common; serious point to be plucked, only one home, don’t be surprised. The problems included, when the website weight recovery, can still reincluding the search engine from the page.



keyword ranking is the webmaster friends are most concerned about, if the site most words ranking has a substantial decline, then congratulations, your site down the right search engine.


3, not updated snapshot.

Many webmaster friends are , affecting the user experienceThe

some time ago own server maintenance, website was shut down for several days. Not only by the client’s entanglement, on the phone all day over, ask what time can be done; but also by the search engine with different degrees of punishment, the punishment degree of the railway station is far longer than those built or higher weight site to more serious, some of the weight of high site, although down the right, but the recovery time was quite fast, here’s what the server is not stable, several effects on the website of the deadly

server is not stable in site is down right is a very common thing, because the search engine spiders are often unable to access your site, leading to the spider on your site is not friendly to your site down a little weight, is perfectly logical and reasonable. The server factors causing the site to drop right there are several main forms:

1, keywords ranking drop.

user experience is more important, I believe that many owners have in mind. A website is not open, directly affect the users access to your website, buy do not buy your product is another matter, or even have a negative effect on your website, long-term server isn’t open, or open speed is slow, the user.


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