How to solve the problem of floating website ranking

fine tune

is fine-tuning through data users will click on the most content or plate according to website ranking. Why should we usually fine-tuning? The site is not should first meet the needs of most users, can not meet the needs of all users, this time we need to know how to choose.

concluded: in order to solve the problem of ranking floating, after all is to solve the user. Is to attract.



this is a technology called Baer to sell vehicle terminal products business we mentioned before, you can see in the website not only provides some more products, product description, maintenance and program download. Why do I need to pay attention to the layout? We think customers in the purchase of the product, is not all meet at the product problem? And your web site provides the solutions to these problems, so we are not able to attract a large number of users. Another way to increase the audience is promotion. With a soft or the way will contribute a large number of users into our website and so on.

user experience

audience ?

when you get a good ranking site has a large number of users, if the website jump out rate is too high, which is an important factor of website ranking floating. As we mentioned above, Baer technology website, if the user clicks on the installation guide went to see is actually how to maintenance or click on the download error page is returned, so we will not lose a large number of users. We can see the same Tuba rabbit decoration, why to open questions and experience column on the website? Because users have a lot of discussion needs, if open this column on the website, can attract a large number of users to communicate. The key is to improve the user experience to meet user needs and mining, why do we need to address the audience after the user experience? Imagine website is not only have the user will generate data? There are a lot of data that we can combine the data for statistical analysis, so as to improve the user experience.



a website if the audience more explain this website can get users love and retain users, which is also an important condition whether love Shanghai assessment of a site has good value. The audience is when a user visits a website, the best content can find their own needs, and can meet the needs of contact. We all know that the user visits a website and do not have to buy the product, the most possible is to query data or peer understanding, so we are also the layout of the content as far as possible to meet the users. How do we see a case:

may have encountered a lot of new sites in the rankings floating, even website ranking will be hard to do the first, but the website ranking is not stable, this time we need to do the following:

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