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love Shanghai introduced this year a lot of algorithms, the network of Shanghai dragon is basically the algorithm completely amidst the winds of change, before the overthrow, regardless of the site within the chain, the chain or articles, there are different algorithms, so the Links still occupies the proportion of /p>? "

what is it? Because I love Shanghai algorithm change or because other what causes it, we can make nothing of it, we see the effect is indeed reduced. Here we analyze what is the effect of reduced

, is there a weight change of

Two, whether the

so Links is also essential, we don’t go to us if it comes.

can be used as the chain

did not update algorithm before, the friends of the chain is a chain, can lead to keyword search, can lead to more traffic, but also a high quality of the chain, then update algorithm, or whether this? I can tell you for sure, friends of the chain now these functions can still be sure there but the chain, this one does not exist, keywords can bring traffic, also attract traffic. They can attract the spider crawling, to see you with this website the correlation.


we all know Links is very important there before, the general site is not required to send the chain, rarely update the article, link friendship several easily allow website to get good rankings. So recently you have found that the site Links effect was canceled, or the Links effect is reduced to a level that is not so important, whether you believe it or not, I believe anyway.

then after the update algorithm, we how to do the chain

we used to do friends chain is mainly rank and weight transfer, then this is the weight transfer change? In fact, this is not the weight of Links transfer is reduced so simple, love Shanghai now joined the update algorithm, more comprehensive factors influencing weight algorithm. So to sum up, perhaps the influence of other aspects.

Since ?Personal recommendation:

first, I suggest that we continue to do Links, whether can transfer the weight, the chain is in need of relevance, friends of the chain also need correlation. A lot of people require the use of text keywords you want to add the main push when exchanging Links, they are actually the same. When the main exchange Links best look of other sites, not only look at the correlation between PR value and BR value, and the page included, updated snapshot are reference factors, other friends of the chain snapshot update faster, included more on his website, that spider crawling more frequently, weight to certainly not low, add your website and this exchange, so indirect may be a spider crawling website your frequency will be more.

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