Learn to stand in the position of the user on the search in the promotion of marketing strategy

, a user bought a new car, car taste great, feel uncomfortable. He may be in the online search for new car smell is too big "," car smell to do "and" why the new car has a terrible smell "and so on, I called" information ", the user at this stage to understand the relevant knowledge, to understand the cause of the problem.

so I think account operation is important, but the real effect of the final decision, or starting from the customer’s perspective, analysis of demand, formed a set of clear network marketing ideas, namely planning decision results.

take the recent hot air purification industry for example, suppose a company in the online promotion of car air purification products: Photocatalyst (usually functional products can be applied with this process).

in the practice of network marketing, I found a lot of people do SEM, focus on the operation of the above account, and the principle of search marketing is not in-depth understanding, have summed up a set of marketing ideas to reach the final effect. Once they changed the company or industry, or copy before the company’s mode of operation, the ideas and methods, previous account operation, do not create any effect, or the effect is very poor.

love Shanghai moment marketing methodology, RSSAS network model of consumer behavior is the famous network marketing experts Jiang Likun teacher’s, have made a similar point: users in the online search must have his needs, to seek a solution to the problem. Let’s recap the searching process of the user.

After two

to tell you the truth, like the search for this promotion methods, regardless of level do not, who can get started operation, because of their own account have keyword tool, can easily get a keyword heap, and whether the company had done what effect, as long as doing, will leave the data, have account structure keywords and creative, Chinese people are not good at creating, but very good at imitating, even from the zero start bidding, but also peer reference. If the company does not know, hired an incompetent person, he can only get one or two months, eventually no effect, only know that he is cheating.

, understand the causes, users began to seek solutions, want to know how to solve their problems, may search for "how to remove the new car smell", "a new car in addition to taste", "car pollution" keywords. Users see many solutions in the results, like the air purification, the solution is very large, there are many plants, orange peel, activated carbon, air purifier, photocatalyst and so on. Through in-depth understanding and comparison of these schemes, users will think that the most suitable solution in the preliminary selection (for example, this stage is the photocatalyst) users to search the word I call it "the scheme of words".

three, the next user will search this product on the Internet, see what kind of effect is good, you may search "Photocatalyst", "photocatalyst to taste", "photocatalyst which >

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