New sites to quickly improve website weight through the assessment period love Shanghai

as everyone knows, often in a new station on the line after a long period of time can not get the weight distribution and the search engine search engine to give the ranking, how to improve the level of trust in the web search engine in a relatively short period of time, through the love of Shanghai assessment period, and thus enhance the website weight is for each of us to optimize the staff have to pay attention to and think about, well we gossip short continued access to the theme of today, new sites to quickly improve website weight through the assessment period love Shanghai.

first, what is the definition of love Shanghai assessment period, according to their own understanding and explain, love Shanghai assessment period generally refers to the new station on the line after the content of the website is not included, the more slowly or snapshot not update, this stage ranking and weight in the station can not rise. Why is there love Shanghai for the review stage of the website? Because the search engine needs to crawl through the Internet network related content, to meet the needs of users of collected articles or content, but the Internet is flooded with a lot of junk information, the information is garbage or re crawl will waste the search engine giant server space, so in the search engine to crawl the site and will conduct a strict examination and definition of the site content quality, some do not accord with the search engine algorithm and the standard site will be filtered outside the database. Through the above two concepts we elaborate definition of assessment period and why the search engine to conduct a rigorous assessment of the new station, here I will spend medium commonly used methods of operation and strategy of this difficult stage.

second, the content of the website construction strategy. A new station on the line, we include in the optimized website directory structure, logical structure and physical structure, to carry out the construction, reasonable and effective for web content, first of all, the author suggests everybody in the construction site in the course of the contents should be the meaning of quality as our content updates, including the quality level, the degree of originality and as far as possible to find the material industry own organization and mining, write their own experience or experience of such articles, secondly, to produce the real value of the site, some friends that brains wrote many articles, but these articles are often one of his words, the readability and poor, this article is the original article but it is difficult to attract the user’s appetite and will eventually search engine algorithm, the Chapter would still be shut out. So for this article the author suggests that after the new entrants must be familiar with the company’s organizational structure, corporate culture, and familiar with the products of the company, under the condition of their own product demonstration and testing, this will greatly improve their familiarity with the industry and products and grasp the degree, the article will come again creation come. Finally, the author suggested that the article not only to the high quality of the creation of the concept of user value, but also appropriate to search engine for the site test, such as the website article station update to be maintained in a relatively fixed period of time, do it best in the number of articles on the principle of quantitative, long.

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