Talk about the six methods for the high quality of the chain

blog is a manipulation skills, rather than doing advertising. Otherwise, blog governance staff will take you to delete the blog, then you will sad. Operating principle of blog is: when do blog, not to take pre link, first through the trial period, if you just apply the blog link, easily deleted. So webmaster friends must pay attention to. Another point is that the contents of the blog not to be too simple, so easily be removed.

The chain

Links, it should be said that the simple is not simple. When do Links exchange, if met veteran Adsense, so as long as the exchange of several basic premise, estimation can be successfully exchanged, there is a rookie.

every webmaster want to obtain high quality, thus to promotion of their website ranking. But the high quality of the chain is not easy to get, then how to get outside the chain of high quality sources has become a huge problem of all owners, whether individual stationmaster is still the company’s website, are tangled this problem, then the trick, brother here to introduce how to obtain high quality source of the chain welcome Paizhuan:

the six chain:

forum should be very simple, we may more than I use is OK, but I also here nag about, some BBS signature is to a certain fraction, is also limited, the new registered account does not have this feature, you should be made a number of stickers, made a number of points, in order to bring forum signature. Another point is that made every post, after a period of time must go to the top, or sink, the search engine will be deleted deleted.


the first time in the acquisition of high quality chain of the source, we want to know, the chain which has several forms: 1, blog (blog), 2, 3, exchange forum signature, Links, 4, 5, get a one-way link, some B2B net, 6, some news sources. These six points should be the source of the chain of all, if there is something else that is my ignorance, but also hope you Laoniao enlighten; believe three things are all the most common site for chain method. The fourth is a high quality the chain is difficult to obtain, B2B may be only a small department website owners heard the news source is less.

outside the chain of more than six of the most easily is blog, forum signature, chain exchange and B2B website, the second is the one-way links (not everyone is so generous, others will have a single site, think what is the reason to say), so the most difficult source chain is the news source, it is of the highest quality news source of the chain.

Links exchange The following control method

1, blog (blog) control method

2, BBS signatureThe

control method

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