Shanghai dragon how to cut a piece of their own cake from the market

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has a word used here is very appropriate: more is less, less is more. Shanghai dragon to occupy a space for one person in the market, we must give up something to get something. If we want to have a whole cake, finally the likely outcome is a cake to eat.

2. fast bag this approach meets the user need a product, so he quickly in the industry occupy a certain market. Of course he face the customer is not the city, but a few points, but consumer groups are relatively clear – big city white-collar. He succeeded in attracting these white-collar workers to his website for consumption, this is also the value orientation of the website. He gave up with the large network competition, turn to their delivery speed to seize the market, their speed of delivery is their value.

fast bag lies in providing free shipping 1 hours of arrival of high-quality services for customers, we all know now is the intense competition in the electricity supplier, a heavenly beauty, Jingdong, Suning price war between the bargain, get on the Internet fried boiling Yang Yang, but not as the station the strength to price competition with them, we do not need to participate in. Then the 1 hours of arrival kuaishubao’s services on the Internet is successfully cut a piece of cake. Love online shopping friends may have bought anything in Jingdong, suning贵族宝贝, general their commitment is within three days of delivery, even in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen etc. these large city, also shipped the same day, the next day arrived, but provides a little when the arrival of the service fast enough, this bag.

1. manufacturing industry scarcity. Do we have the Shanghai dragon consciousness: I have no people, I have gifted, gifted people i. If no difference between your website content and other competitors, then the user will click or what to buy you things? Like in a cold winter, when all the people on the street wearing a down jacket, then there is a girl who is wearing a short in the wind walk, so he is bound to be the focus of public attention. Of course, the manufacturing industry difference is the premise of you a better understanding of this industry, so you can make the opposite content. Then we take the recent online shopping of differentarmed – fast bag for everyone for example. We love Shanghai to search for "fast bag", please see below:

Shanghai dragon is the value from the Internet to obtain, free flow, but most are in the weak position of Shanghai dragon, if on the strength, of course, is unable to compete with some large sites, but not small and medium-sized sites on the Nothing is right.? But it is not the case, we need just from the Internet to cut a piece of their own piece of cake, the this is the presence of small and medium-sized Shanghai Longfeng value. So how should we cut it, this is what I want to explain today’s content.

The difference of In fact, the

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