Shanghai Longfeng no technology

Shanghai Dragon between programmers and operators, and like doing editorial work, do the work you have to have a little knowledge of PHP, the technology blog, the article written, well site procedures, industry analysis, user analysis, planning with some websites such as copy hook operation, but to master all these seem to be it is not possible.

2. Shanghai dragon is a multi light master



A Jun: Shanghai dragon kind of operation technology, can you say he is neither painful nor itching, will process it, I think even the program does not take sides, I let him change the navigation code is difficult as page color does not look good, he would ask for a designer, where what P technology at all no, I don’t know how those companies are hiring

1. Shanghai dragon not programmer

: Well, Mr. F is still learning, learn some simple construction technology, but also seems to record what, don’t know what technology.

? .

of course for Shanghai dragon Jane summed up this problem for the following points, for reference only.


Shanghai dragon no matter from the technical or thinking are difficult to go beyond other professional art, there is no Shanghai Dragon Technology? What do you think of

is a Shanghai dragon light technology

Mr. E: say what technology ah, no technology, technology to flicker is learned a lot. Gee.

two. Shanghai dragon not technology

D Jun: technology is still there, but as you said is what, after all, this industry has a lot of controversy, I was in Shanghai for many years, dragon and Phoenix are still the most used content analysis technology, and marketing operations, as for the operation, not as bad as some people said, it is not necessary the.

B Jun: what Shanghai Dragon technology, learn so long, nothing to see others doing so well, to consult some technical problems, say what such a simple question to ask, you don’t really love Shanghai ah, TM didn’t know he will come to see me now ", is what techniques do not learn, hear the most is the user needs and user experience, experience the bird, bird, do not understand completely.

so that the so-called professional layout modifications, web technology and so on, to professional and technical personnel can, otherwise is not a programmer.

C Jun: how to say, I also engaged in the Shanghai dragon years, technical stuff is not the master, such as code, PHP language, web site template modification, structure adjustment, host language what is really not the master, before the Shanghai Dragon don’t understand, but after learning the Shanghai dragon. These are slightly understand some, you do not know what technology is controversial.

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