Shanghai dragon VP website after the subtle changes


In fact,

is now the Internet, information is highly repetitive, namesake also emerge in an endless stream in the site, using the same title, stealing traffic, resulting in many users can not distinguish right from wrong. Shanghai dragon VIP color change is a very obvious action, not only to remember the name of the user, the design of logo is to give the user to strengthen brand output is more accurate, so. In the background of the picture, there is a word "you can search" Shanghai dragon VIP "find us", this is from the subconscious in the guide users to search a large number of brands, brand word search, will make the website popular brand, but more importantly can get rid of the key word ranking restrictions. This is a page the most intuitive feelings, Shanghai dragon VIP are focusing on brand. We can find that the title information also has small changes. Original title: "Shanghai dragon VIP_ love Shanghai Shanghai dragon combat training, let Shanghai dragon return the truth", has now become "Shanghai dragon VIP official website to provide training _ love Shanghai Shanghai dragon combat training, let Shanghai dragon return the truth", although with a few words, but the words of general components the official website, will make people’s trust in all of a sudden increase, more training, and let the traffic growing.

, recently I have been concerned about the Shanghai dragon VIP station, after all, every special case of single page will be the object of our study. The station yesterday found relatively small changes in wording, today opened after the page into the new edition, do not know if this revision is temporary or future will always be used, because the site is not explained. The day before the network in writing "web page" from the perspective of how to optimize Shanghai dragon VIP, stay behind the question is when the pages are aligned to the left, a big gap on the right. Now it seems that the revision was going to some. We come to see that the biggest change in what place.


is an interesting phenomenon, almost at the same time, ZAC’s blog page title has changed, and the action is consistent with the VIP and Shanghai dragon. The original ZAC behind the blog title have a "this is the official website", and now has become a "this is really a day Shanghai dragon". Very interesting, you can go to see soso. It seems that experts tend to agree.

from above, we can see that the biggest change is to change the background image, and the overall tone from blue to black red orange, this picture from logo and you can see the obvious background. Not to mention the color change in the real intention, I think at least this is a distinction, highlighting a brand, the previous color obviously love sea fan. Talk about the following, for this small change of view.

thinking: from the above two phenomena, 2013.

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