The 50 thousand sites included 100 of those things and included traffic flow

if it means that there will be a lot more long tail keywords in the rankings, the site to bring traffic will be more extensive, both target keywords ranking, and bring many long tail words flow. But if the site weight is low, even if the page is a collection of many articles, but still will not have much traffic, not because of the long tail keywords ranking, when a site or low weight site is down right is very obvious, the pages are included in the wind, to be one click really need a good luck.

I also like the no tail The idea that the The The

content is king, is not only suitable for the user experience, but also the search engine concern, a good article often can have a good row.

website is a matter of concern to the webmaster, everyone wants their website included a little more, that not only looks uncomfortable, but from the perspective of Shanghai Longfeng site seems to be more weight, long tail keywords rankings should also bring more exchange links to let others more optimistic. But this is only compared to the conventional view, many friends of the site is included but did not flow, but also a friend of the site is not much, but the target keywords ranking is very good, very much traffic every day.

, a collection of large collection of

‘s own website is included more experience, when the site of the Shanghai Dragon integrated query data sent to the group, everyone at the more than 50000 should be included, at least there is a flow of thousands, but the surprise is only more than 100 of the traffic, website weight feeling is very good, the hair is love Shanghai search engines, but also the location of the first, but will soon sink, good times don’t last long, no keywords ranking, website will not flow, so sometimes included for the webmaster is here to talk about the flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, things on the website included (purely personal view):

two, the website weight low ranking

site is included, that is because the site inside the large amount of data, as a personal webmaster is impossible to complete a large amount of data in a short time, can only rely on tools to assist, site collection is completely clean in a short period of time, and now many novel station which is on the acquisition of content updates, but this this not what water, the search engine will not love, do a dumpster to play and practice almost normal website, personally think it is far away from this way as well, because too much optimization promotion will hinder the acquisition of website, and even websites were "innocent" right down.

three, the quality of the content influence keywords ranking

website, will soon be included, but the article will sink, personally think that the site overall weight is on the one hand, because of the weight problem is not enough competition to squeeze down, this is we need to stabilize and improve the site weight, can gradually solve the problem.

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