According to the key words to write articles to improve search breadth

are interested can go take a look at 贵族宝贝sawtx贵族宝贝/news_show.asp? Id=328 just yesterday afternoon issued, and the articles of the category top recommended, recommended. Oh, today to see the results. But I still have to continue to optimize, to row to the first page, in order to get the real royalty.

so, he sorted out several keywords price is high, such as procurement, domestic band saw blade, saw blade saw blade and the integration of imported keywords like domestic blade, import blade together, wrote: "it is domestic band saw blade:? Or import bandsaw — SAWTX

check the keywords this morning: procurement, domestic band saw blade, saw blade inlet with saw blade, that has been ranked second to second pages, it is entirely due to yesterday afternoon published an article: "blade buy: domestic blade or imported? – SAWTX saw blade? The world", this has the effect of, feel very gratified, also feel surprise for the love Shanghai included can quickly and give good rankings.

saw the world"?

can achieve this effect, and the correlation is very important, with >

article highlights the blade procurement notice, which also involves the domestic blade and imported brands and domestic band saw blade saw blade and blade in order to increase imports, domestic imports of bandsaw, band saw blade in which the proportion of.

reason to write this "blade buy: domestic blade or imported? – SAWTX saw blade? The world", the main core should have a relationship with my performance, I believe that when I say I pay commissions, you should be petrified, because a lot of peers are very strange. My performance is according to the keywords ranking commission to count, write some words on the boss, and different keywords price, 100 yuan, 60 yuan, 30 yuan, 20 yuan, 10 yuan more, of course, much more keywords low price. The Commission is the keyword ranking page, then the Commission, if the row in the second page, there is no commission. Although the feeling of love of Shanghai K station and other factors recently frequently, but still fear most is love Shanghai update, the update is OK, but from the first page keywords dropped to the second page, because it means that I will not have the royalty.


some people say that the title page, can the layout of some key words, but after a limited number, but also in key words, some did not hit a pole, not a one-time completed layout, also need to clear is the title has been determined for a period of time, has been on the first page, if we modify the title words. Fear is the love sea to enter the review period, it should be closed for a month, two months, I really can not stand, so the title of the modification, can only temporarily do not consider.

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