From the love of Shanghai green algorithm chain for the emperor content is king


but there are many webmaster very panic, "said what the chain for the emperor, content is king" will be gone for ever. So in love under the "Shanghai green algorithm chain for the emperor, content is king" is OK?

we released from Scindapsus algorithm speaking – chain

has a "green" to "purify" the meaning of love, Shanghai named algorithm means that strike hard trading links, conforms to the advertisement industry "Shanghai dragon green healthy development, the algorithm will directly affect the update:

1, super chain intermediary,


3, buy links.

love Shanghai search engine technology – hyperlink analysis (you can see the Wikipedia entry, love Shanghai) website link can transfer the weight to each other, in addition to personal Adsense exchange links between themselves, the Internet also has links to the sale.

said here "link sale", everyone will think of the chain for the emperor "this noun. Then the chain for the emperor, content is king "is not

2, selling links,

now from April 18th has been in the past days, I believe we all understand why love Shanghai big update, is nothing more than a lot of garbage collection stations to collect your URL in Shanghai love that you do so by trading links, Scindapsus punish

in my opinion, Shanghai love it to safeguard the most grassroots interests, by the large number of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners support.


we see from the 4.18 love Shanghai big update. Recently I have been in the inquiry right down love Shanghai in 4.18, what is for what purpose, I believe that many owners still remember the big update 4.18 days from Shanghai began the night love until the 19 day around noon, and then I saw my own station, also pay attention to the friends of the site, the result is most of the site suffered right down, and many friends are discussing their station was drop right.

Several chain lifting performance

a commonplace talk of an old scholar: 1. the website of Shanghai Longfeng increase website included the amount of 2.; improve website PR value; 3. improve the site keywords ranking; 4. increase website traffic; Shanghai dragon industry "the chain for the emperor, content is king", so the traditional network promotion chain for the importance of the web site.

with Chinese Internet in rapid development, from the original small website to the feudal lords vying for the throne winner, no matter in any way cannot do without the search engine, all cannot do without the love of Shanghai, it can be said that love is the fundamental domestic website of Shanghai Shanghai dragon, Shanghai love any change into IT people talk about the topic. Shanghai recently launched a love and love of Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm to determine the site outside the chain issued for domestic people always say about Shanghai dragon.

is already in the past?Why

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