Bottle if you dare Shanghai rank with the exception of sex

in Shanghai before the dragon industry, a lot of people are good rankings to get through a pile of words, but not every day is Sunday, the Shanghai dragon search engine method has been abandoned, instead of only the content and the chain. But only is practice, there will be the truth, indeed many lectures teachers explain very well, like the webmaster network twelfth novice webmaster training is a good training, but some things still need to practice to know. You can go to search for "Zhongshan", "Shanghai dragon" Liuzhou Shanghai dragon "," Jiangmen Shanghai dragon "and" Zhongshan people network".

well, the next bottle gives some analysis, hope to help you to read this article.


written in the end, Shanghai dragon is a ranking, if only the words, consider short-term benefits, this method is good, but do not know how long to maintain, will certainly be love Shanghai shield, until today has 4 days, this remains to be seen, but the bottle that make hundreds of stations sure, do not it is rubbish, take a stand, to make their stand to make a brand, this is the best day in Shanghai, even if the artificial, need not be afraid, because the site is some word of mouth and fans. Chinaz first, please keep the author.

4, the density must be high, in the Jiangmen Shanghai dragon when the paste, the half of Jiangmen Shanghai dragon, half of Jiangmen website optimization, so in the last page to go to Zhongshan, Shanghai, Liuzhou Shanghai dragon dragon the words came in the first and second place.

2, do not think that where can be made in a few bottles, diary portal blog, no effect, but not in Shanghai love space experiments, you may wish to try, but personally think that only love Shanghai Post Bar bottle this high weight place to have this effect, and we all know that his brother would special treatment.

, 1 bottles in Post Bar made this a few stickers, why not be deleted, because Post Bar is very important, this is in several chain, the name of the chain, it is because the master is good, not easy to delete, especially in some of the popular Post Bar, deleted the second.

3, words can not competition is too big, if it is the competition of words, it is impossible to row up the bottle, with a very naive attitude made a pile of Shanghai Longfeng posts, but is expected to search Shanghai Long Fenglian did not find the cinema.

believe that we can see that although the Liuzhou Shanghai dragon, Zhongshan Shanghai dragon, Jiangmen Shanghai dragon the words flow is not high, but by the weight of love Shanghai Post Bar, ranking and density, a large stack of keywords, one day will come up. Use this method to intercept traffic is still very objective, a word like the people of Zhongshan, they can rely on this method to make up the word, but there are 1000 index.

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