Gao Wenliang website optimization really must be original


before the high Wenliang have always thought so, but is convinced, but in the last few days deep thought, I don’t think so.


take it now by many Shanghai dragon master praised Sina, said Sina’s Shanghai dragon to do good, but we see his article, quite a lot is copied over, but we’ll search under his title, often found his ranking is often higher than the other portal sites, this is why? Weight high? But if this article is poor so that no user reading? Theory of love should Shanghai remove him, but actually love Shanghai will be deleted? I think it is unlikely.

we need to know that the major search engines now and we in the theory of search engine there is a big gap, so quite a few articles though bad, there is no one, but it is consistent with the search engine algorithm, love Shanghai (do not talk about Google) are likely to not delete this the article, and what kind of content is most consistent with the original love Shanghai algorithm?. But the original is not good articles, so even though we think that love Shanghai should delete it, but often do not love Shanghai.

then try to think of it, if the Wenliang blog is not to write original articles, from the beginning to go around the Internet plagiarism, but I copied the quality is quite high, so Shanghai will direct K love my blog? I was not very clear, because I have not tested, but it is right down possible, but if prolonged, more and more people read my blog, so although I blog is pure love reproduced Shanghai should also give me high weight, you think of

here I think you probably know what I mean, that is: whether the original article must be of no great importance, but high quality.

we all know, Shanghai dragon industry there is a saying called "content is king, the chain for emperor", that is to say, the content of the chain is two blocks of the main website optimization, if you are a Shanghai dragon worker, or you go to ask how a Shanghai Longfeng workers do outside the chain, he must speak to the weights of the high site outside the chain, pay attention to the related degree, the other site weight and link stability and so on, then you ask him how to do the content, high Wenliang think he would say at least eighty percent of the original, pseudo original also should.

here I have a different view and everyone, so many people think the search results in the repeat less, may also be affected by the original thinking, but I think the more the better repeatability, why? Because of the high degree of repetition is to prove the value of this article is more high, reprinted. The mission is to make useful information out more widely, let more people know, so I reproduced this high quality articles obtained should not be search >

once love Shanghai gave me high weight, then proves my point: website optimization is not necessarily the original

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