The reason after the Spring Festival holiday keywords ranking drop

you know, if you are a web user attention is very small, do not click on the word, love Shanghai might abandon your site slowly, especially the industry website such as Beida Jade Bird education training, during the Spring Festival there is little attention to, no one to look for, so the good a few days do not have access to the results of the visit, Shanghai ranked in love will also account for a certain share of visits to love Shanghai to reduce weight of the station is reduced.

external links

two, stop the release of the original article

has previously formed update quantitative timing, like a person has a habit, but suddenly one day not see fresh things, he may still update snapshot of the station, but the trust has a slight change, a few days later still, spiders love Shanghai that does not have fresh content, so his arrival times will decrease before, once a day, may come down a week and a half months now, this is the impact of the original article on spider love Shanghai.

three, traffic decreased

I believe many of my friends have encountered such a situation! The new year back site keywords ranking drop, some sites had a good ranking, after vacation and come back down to 50 or 100 keywords page simply can not find, I prize.the an educational website in front of a good school, Beida keywords love Shanghai home, Beida Jade Bird web page second, Beida Jade Bird training third pages, but the snapshot is the next day, but after a year back to find prize.the school ranked second pages, fifteen pages of website of Beida Jade Bird love Shanghai, love Shanghai Beida Jade Bird training page sixteen, and love is not updated snapshot of Shanghai also ranked summary! The reason behind, the following three points,

the above three points determines the ranking of the site will be greatly reduced, but for those with the new year this time the full promotion of the website, the effectiveness will be great, today the word prize.the search found that many had not seen the website run to the first page, and high ranking. So do Shanghai dragon is still persist.

, stop the release of

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Shanghai dragon has two key, one is the chain A is original, but just as a ranking of the new station, external links for love of spiders in Shanghai is also very obvious. As we all know, with the passage of time will continue to reduce the external links, if there were no new chain increase, the high quality of the external links are added, the spider into the site from the external opportunity is greatly reduced. Because the former has made it a rule to increase the chain, how long time apart suddenly without a link, love Shanghai certainly take you away!

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