The love of Shanghai K station to the network station again and swept

first from my master "classification website" of the beginning, my first love Shanghai website domain name included the home page, and later by I not change the title, keywords. And nearly half a month can not open the site, lead to love Shanghai later to search, also is being K away. So the first website, as little as possible to change the number of keywords, and the choice of some stable space business, because it will make the spider love Shanghai very smooth come to view, do you think if you often can not enter the door of the house, Shanghai will love to patronize? The title change my example is not too clear, only appropriate to tell you as much as possible don’t change. My own experience is seriously injured.

after a June 28th love Shanghai K station, perhaps the stationmaster of a lot of sites have been not implicated in the Tao station, the low quality of the station, pseudo original station acquisition station, all escape Shanghai love denied, the survival of some small sites, although can be a fluke June 28th love Shanghai denied, but in then love Shanghai in August 22 the station K. Completely let these stationmaster people fall into the abyss, the 6 station of my own, 5 stations were all denied, June 28th was a K station, let me reduce the flow of ninety percent. In August 22nd 4 the station was K, the main classification of my website are not spared, after the big blow, let me continue to really confused some website this way. I believe this several times to blow some of the webmaster economic sources caused a huge impact. We don’t know these small webmaster what should be the future. We will continue to have the chance of survival at

love Shanghai algorithm changes, so that more small webmaster confused, but still think as long as you insist on doing the real site, released some fresh resources every day, love Shanghai will love you. Imagine, an article from the website to find the love of Shanghai, if there is also a small site, repeated interesting, so not only to love Shanghai increase the workload, but also do not work hard, general >

second web content can not be collected, because I am a new station, in order to increase the collection, traffic, popularity. So in many large web sites to find some new and practical articles, articles published on its website, I began to love Shanghai included site was about 100, then according to my collection every day, every day of the release, I look after my collection of less. Is the spider to less. So my analysis is avoided and the pseudo original collection site.

?After the

K station, although how lost their own future, but we can’t give up our love, perhaps many webmaster website based economic profit, but for me it is one of my interests. Although the sea fell in love with K, but as long as we calm down, is the cause of the K analysis, we may find the problem. If you want to really analyze how to be K, the general small Adsense is to do. I’m just according to some personal experience and understand their fur, simple analysis.

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