The search times of Shanghai dragon who decide on what path to follow


my friends and I are talking about this thing, if you feel Shanghai dragon now becoming more and more difficult to do, really can not stand it and you give up! So, leave is not necessarily a good choice. We all know these years in Shanghai love search algorithm above big update, from Shanghai to Scindapsus algorithm of love, love Shanghai "pomegranate algorithm" to Scindapsus algorithm 2, we can see that the love of Shanghai in the fight against illicit Shanghai Longfeng above efforts. But have to say, every time after the love Shanghai algorithm update attack effect is very little. The Shanghai dragon entry threshold is very low, only need to have certain skills, or in some companies a little training can say you know about Shanghai Longfeng knowledge. This entry is very low, most of the companies in the recruitment of the time, but also to pay less attention to this skill.

, Shanghai dragon choice of entry threshold is very low, but to really put the search knowledge learning is not very proficient in very simple things. For example, although the website code can not Shanghai dragon who are written, but the motives of the people will be such aspects of learning, learning code and website building. For a long time, a certain accumulation in this area, in the face of Shanghai dragon industry confused, these people are engaged in related industries, website construction and website production, this is the people in the face of a way out of search times, people regard Shanghai as dragon is a skill, a to improve their level of skill, but not only skill. When choosing from Shanghai dragon, these people are given such a view, Shanghai dragon is not technology, is just a kind of skill.


however, Shanghai dragon industry competition is intense, the new year is in a continuous line. Only need to make a case to interview some companies can get a good salary. However, the same is true for the veteran, often in the face of the same job, although the experience can give yourself a little advantage, however, in the interview in case is successful, with the real background of the Shanghai dragon. Small circle of friends, there are such people, many of them choose to use their own knowledge, entrepreneurial or building services and website development.

friends always complain to me these days, love Shanghai algorithm what? Love Shanghai adjust more and more quickly, yesterday website ranking good, wow! This morning to see no ranking. Shanghai is not to love her, all I hear is that this period of time in Shanghai dramatic changes to the website of Shanghai love brings deep dragon do not know how to optimize. However, love Shanghai now on this behavior is not a public statement, when we face a situation, as the Shanghai dragon we should decide on what path to follow is stick or leave, or from their own reasons, seriously.

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