The role of interpretation of the four aspects of Links of website optimization

Improve the site included


Links is equivalent to a spider crawling entrance, when their website is not zayang, naturally think of something Links to assist. In general, a novice asked the old owners how to improve website included, the old owners will answer: do you Links it? If not, to find some quality Links. In fact, Links is equivalent to other sites to your site for the first time in favor of the ticket. A very good position, high weight website, the search engine is friendly to it, as long as the site is given the vote, then the search engine’s identity. As you known, if there is a famous saying that you are very good, many people will naturally think so, this is the school. So, for Links can enhance the site included quantity is an indisputable fact.

can improve the keywords ranking is an indisputable fact for Links, otherwise it would not be called Links. In the website optimization, Links is a chain, which is a spider crawling entrance, two site exchange Links status, other natural site in search engine is very good, so the spider will regularly crawl the website of the other side, and when crawling after will find the exit to crawl other sites, so the good impression influenced each other, natural search engine also give a good impression for communicating with the web site, the so-called red is red this is the truth. In this way through mutual promotion, naturally conducive to enhance the keyword ranking. After all, all know Links will not affect the decline of keywords ranking, contrary to the good Links will naturally enhance the role of the site keywords ranking.


lifting weight

Links is like a weight transfer channel between the two sites. Do Links are only considered the home page, because the weight of the home page is the highest station, because the web site outside of the chain is through the chain to the home page, so that the equivalent weight is transferred through the other sites are concentrated in the home, but also through the weight inside pages gathered at home, when home the weight is more prominent, the inside pages will recover some of the weight value. So, for friendship.

for Links, every webmaster have done, whether it is to find their own or someone else to come. The analysis of whether it is worth Links webmaster exchange, usually see the weight, see included, see snapshots and so on basic common sense. So why do the webmaster Links? Links for website optimization to play what role? In fact, most of the time for the novice is based on the old webmaster, Links so good to do, but many webmaster cannot link a good understanding of what is the use of friendship. In other words, see others do their own will follow. Today I read Links on site use:

Improve the site keywords ranking

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