Links station is love Shanghai K light summary after the world’s top 100 thousand

website was established in January 2010, is because the original CN domain name restrictions automatic audit the Links station, and replace the domain name, for a few months after the PR3, love Shanghai it has been very normal, because the chain, many of my friends are my site, Shanghai is in the nature of love before, was before K, love Shanghai search terms: Links, on the first page, Links network, network link, free links such two words are the first page first, the website weight is also very high, the new station, love Shanghai within one hour to complete the collection, the world ranking has been around 100 thousand, not much is not too small, the real IP (not each brush code) of more than 4000+, the reason here said some of the data before, for the

K the reasons are summarized

I always think so, lose some things from this place will be from another place up to you, at the time of this writing, I found the baby noble PR value update, update station to PR4, this is a good thing! There is also good news for a baby to the nobility. Noble baby贵族宝贝.hk cable: Links >


blessing in disguise


the main reason is because of a good website ranking, with each brush code are relatively more, the station had some IP million joined my station code, resulting in insufficient resources space, occasional service is not available (service unavailable) of the corresponding processing, change to the local IDC space (the first day), change the path of each brush code! Single brush flow is less, the site normal visit, because the local space is the space for long-term friend and also feel shy, change back to their own space (third days), in exchange for space the second day of January 18, 2010, Shanghai will be the site of K love, why the K, because the site has a lot of two domain names such as blog.asplian贵族宝贝! Official BLOG, zz.asplian贵族宝贝 self link system, tao.asplian贵族宝贝 Amoy Shopping guide Station, K station together, these years have never encountered this situation, also before the station was K, not because of repeated content too much, because the keywords too much, and by K, such as K www of the domain name, so all the K out of the situation not met, may be after the fruit is very serious, very angry spiders love Shanghai.

site name: free Links network

website address: 贵族宝贝asplian贵族宝贝


analysis from the above situation, the main reason is the website K is a space and space in the unstable caused by total K, it’s not a good solution for the current IP, the stability of the space, can only wait for love of spiders in Shanghai to solve the problem of

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