Links with solution nofollow

3. is often use webmaster tools to check the website Links, to prevent the emergence of tagged "nofollow" link

2. if the site flow is particularly large, so that customers exchange Links

solution nofollow"

some time ago we purchased a membership in the fair online recruitment, recruitment of members and shops do a Links. Both sides have the reverse link, according to common sense this site in Shanghai Longfeng optimization do link is also normal, but Xiaobian found one thing! Small by Shanghai dragon detection Links webmaster tools found with nofollow tag in Links. Xiao Bian today will Links with "nofollow" hazards and solutions to share all the webmaster friends

: the first

second: Links with "

! nofollow on site optimization harm of website optimization

2.nofollow is to tell the meaning of the search engine of the link is not after the author trust

1. if the general enterprise web site, not much traffic, delete the Links

3. if the exchange with nofollow Links is not transmit weight, no good

1.nofollow is an attribute value of the page, that is to tell the search engines do not access links pointing to the page

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