How to use the special page easy access to the long tail word ranking


URL as far as the two level directory, and must be cut, and at the same time in the home to give a certain exposure; title, keywords, description should be carefully written; the page structure and layout according to the user experience; in order to improve the viscosity, can increase the messages and comments; if the page weight is too low, it is necessary to add some auxiliary chain. Increase weight. Note: inside and outside are not excessive optimization.

normally most of Shanghai Longfeng Er when do long term usually rely on content pages to get ranked, and the content page weight is inherited from the home page, but because we are the new web page weight is very low in itself, so it is difficult to participate in the content page ranking of the long tail keywords, as can be imagined, as can be imagined if we do use the content page ranking, the effect, is certainly very poor, and even occasional row up not very stable. Optimization so we have to change a way of thinking to do long tail keywords new, in what way? The answer is to use the special page to do. The reason is very simple, because the special page is centered on a theme, and unlike the content page did not expand, and not as big as a directory. From the user experience and content rich degree, can the content of the page than the old station.

with website optimization knowledge is becoming more and more popular, Shanghai Longfeng people became more and more often, we want to use a new station will do long tail keywords faces a problem, there are a lot of old station counterparts have before us, strength is very strong, how should we go beyond their 77 today? Teach you how to use the special page to do long term optimization, to go beyond those old station.

make painstaking efforts, such as the reprint please indicate "from Zhengzhou Shanghai 77 [贵族宝贝qiqi] Shanghai dragon dragon blog贵族宝贝/

is the topic of the polymerization rich pages, with wonderful introduction text, pictures, video, activities, comments and other elements, effectively improve the visitor experience, so as to increase the page PV and the residence time. We can learn from some stations, such as: Sina, Sohu and other news portals. Whenever there is a major event, they will comprehensive news, content rich thematic page aggregation, action very quickly, effectively attract visitors attention timeliness demand. But this type of page because of its good experience, have a good ranking and traffic.

This thesis is composed of 77

page includes those skills? According to the experience of 77, you should do the following:

is suitable for some holiday special pages get traffic, but must be done before the festival, and some promotion, so that when the day comes, you can optimize up, occupy the market.

what is the topic page

special page layout you can refer to the following diagram:

? Special reminder:

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