Keywords SEM medical industry search needs exploration

disease can now according to the structure of most of the site is divided into: symptoms (performance), causes, hazards, treatment and rehabilitation… A series of main line. According to contact the medical industry for many years, always found the majority of keywords symptoms, symptom category of words should be able to contact the entrance a patient. Why? In fact, we can go on a search from the user’s point of view, we suspect that their disease, as for what disease, we do not know when, we usually start from the performance of some of their own responses, such as physical discomfort, what psychological feelings, some parts of the long XX, abnormal liquid… The first is fuzzy concept. Online search, we found that these symptoms may have several diseases, but there is always one of the most close, otherwise we should go to continue the search, when we suspect that when one, we can go to search for this disease, then we have to know what are the symptoms of the disease. We will look at and symptoms than his own judgment, whether or not the disease, certain or uncertain time, maybe we will ask the doctor online. This has lead us to continue to learn.

to understand the etiology of disease patients may be confirmed disease, eliminating the other process of cognition. The search for a kind of harmful Internet users tend to pay more attention to this disease have no treatment is necessary, most don’t think what harm you may choose to give up treatment, especially when they learned that the cost of treatment is very expensive, they often hesitate in such mental processes. If the doctor can timely blow pain, perhaps they will be determined.

we bid analysis personnel must start from the patient or family members of patients, a friend, what we need is to search. I have always thought that the search engine marketing marketing is the key, these words is not only a concept of words, and represents a kind of demand, and our marketing is to meet this demand, this kind of demand, the demand (disease) is a kind of human needs (people).

According to the

search rule >

love marketing center in Shanghai proposed an account structure model of enterprise products and service quality covering all aspects of. Yes, for the medical industry, related diseases, the hospital population, we should all get coverage, so the account should be built strong, some carefully. We have to get into the psychology of patients found the search demand.

so, we primary classification of main diseases, we are single disease or multiple diseases, to clearly define what we can provide medical services, the scope of services provided by the hospital treatment usually is certainly less than the demand, which is the development mode of many private hospitals now spread from some of the core the disease, some disease conditions have yet to reach. One is the demand, on the other hand, the hospital can not provide patients, whether or not to trust, if there is a certain influence in the industry.

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