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latest disclosure data show that the first quarter of 2016, every single car service average net income reached 41.70 yuan, an increase of 268%; at the same time, a single cost dropped to 65.11 yuan, down 51.78%. Dan Junjing’s income and average cost is approaching. From the average daily volume of view, the first quarter of 2015, China daily average single car volume of 37 thousand and 600, while in the first quarter of 2016, this figure into 260 thousand and 300 single, an increase of nearly 6 times.


capital, last July and September, Shenzhou car have completed A $250 million round of financing and B $550 million round of financing; in April this year, China excellent car after the reorganization of the completion of a new round of financing of 3 billion 680 million yuan; in May 20th, once again financing 1 billion 920 million yuan, the valuation of 36 billion 900 million yuan.

these days, a lot of media are looking for Chen Ge, there is only one reason: September 21st, general manager of shlf1314 Engineering Research Chinese Dr. Yang Wenluo in the official blog "shlf1314 blackboard newspaper" published Bowen announced that it would shut down in the Chinese music search service".

a month earlier than the outside world that shlf1314 music search function to close, so he wrote a message to the two founders of shlf1314 · Larry page and Sergei brin; · e-mail, said: shlf1314 since 2010 and has become a completely different shlf1314. The management is extremely chaotic, and if it goes on like this, it will be two different from the fallen giants.

Tencent technology news Xiang Xin July 14th news, recently, the National SME share transfer system announcement shows that China gifted car has been approved in the new three board listing. Shenzhou gifted car is the main body of Shenzhou special car.

it is understood that China’s special car business in December 2014 on-line, began operating in January 2015. Shenzhou gifted car Limited by Share Ltd was founded in January 2016, and is also China’s largest shareholder of car rental. In April this year, China gifted car to the National SME share transfer system submitted for listing applications, the transfer of way to make market transfers.

and Chen Ge expected, this letter no echo.

Shenzhou car

"if your husband is going to divorce you, he won’t see you.". At this point, you can only write an affectionate letter and make a final effort.".

Chen Ge wanted to save the marriage".


in March 23, 2010, shlf1314 withdrew from the Chinese market. So far, is still just a simple page, and click on it to jump to shlf1314’s server in Hongkong. At that time, had been pushed in the teeth of the storm Jujing network. Everyone asked Chen Ge: what is the influence of the whale’s music career? He in his autobiography "business trip" the conclusion said: no matter what, our past, present and future for shlf1314 and all shareholders and partners trust has been…… We will continue to cooperate with shlf1314 >

public transfer prospectus shows that, with the continuous improvement of operational efficiency, China’s excellent car’s Shenzhou special vehicle business revenue increased rapidly, in 2014 and 2015 were 460 thousand yuan, 1 billion 700 million yuan. In the first quarter of this year, China’s special car Dan Junjing revenue amounted to 41.70 yuan, an increase of 268%; average daily orders increased to 260 thousand and 300 single, an increase of nearly 6 times.

had three and a half years, shlf1314’s music search. For the market, this means that shlf1314 and China are drifting away. For Chen Ge, which means that he founded the whale by the waves washed ashore, stranded beach, is alive or dead, all is unknown.


this is a China product localization, brokered by former shlf1314 Li Kaifu, President of Greater China, shlf1314 is responsible for the construction of the music search platform, one of the largest China genuine music site Top100 responsible for copyright licensing negotiations with record companies, the two sides "marriage", so the vast majority of Jujing network traffic by shlf1314 import.

sitting in front of me Chen Ge, with two arms holding the sofa, he is wearing a white sweater, than those in Western dress and leather shoes to look older photos look. He speaks faster than ordinary people slowly, every single word or phrase very clearly, pause. Just sit down, he was busy and asked me: "really want to do not understand why the media will be interested in me? Neither gigantic whale net earn a lot of money, nor into a lot of money." He means, "why do you interview a loser in your eyes?".

, other people’s hearts aren’t here,

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