Shanghai Longfeng Laoniao on Shanghai Longfeng no shortcut only insist on

said so much, I just want to tell what Shanghai dragon new friends, do Shanghai dragon is More haste, less speed., what he did not cut, if you stick to it, and a strong executive power, there is the details really do fine, so as to ensure maximum effectiveness of Shanghai dragon, persistence

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I once in 09 years for a Zhengzhou psychological counseling center website, over when he is a new station, as we all know, a new beginning work in Shanghai Longfeng there are a lot of difficulties, for example you give people an exchange of Links, people see you are new, not included no, the link, the PR value more no, they certainly won’t give you Links. But we can’t give up, don’t lose heart. We need to do is every day the unremittingly use of high quality original articles updated website content, then use all available resources to build external links, these work can not be prompted by a sudden impulse you need, non-stop every day to do.

look for shortcuts Shanghai dragon Er mostly contact Shanghai Longfeng not a long time friend, they think Shanghai dragon there are shortcuts, want to put some complex and laborious things simple, this idea is good, there is also a lot of them in exploring off the Shanghai dragon shortcut, just let now the Shanghai dragon industry like a raging fire, now have a variety of Shanghai dragon means and methods, but according to my personal experience of years of operation of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon means some seemingly shortcuts may sometimes be useful, but cannot maintain for a long time. Want to let Shanghai Longfeng effect is stable, long lasting, and so, some shortcuts is not desirable, he needs to be unremittingly execution.

year’s time I put the core keywords this website do home before three, and did not change from the PR value to 2, this time I and others to exchange links, I have some chips, handy to do a lot, even so, I still insist on work every day do, until now a number of core keywords of this site is still firmly in the home row good position.

with the Shanghai dragon widely cognition and application, more and more people joined the Shanghai Phoenix in the industry, at the same time, there are more and more people began to study the shortcut to Shanghai dragon, think through the most simple way, the method of saving energy and manpower to achieve the best effect of Shanghai Dragon, Shanghai dragon unisignflex want to tell you is actually Shanghai dragon and there is no shortcut, he just insist and execution.


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